16-Year-Old JoJo Siwa Buys $3.5 Million Mansion: What is Her Net Worth?

At the tender age of nine, JoJo Siwa shot to fame after appearing on Dance Moms, a Lifetime reality show. Since then, she’s been featured on Time’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2020, launched a successful YouTube channel, and performed all over the globe.

Siwa is the highest-paid judge on the dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance, yet the show hasn’t disclosed her compensation. Siwa performed on Dancing with the Stars in 2021, earning a base salary of $125,000 and weekly bonuses according to her performance. So, What is her net worth at that time?

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

JoJo Siwa is a multitalented American performer who can also sing, act, and model. The current estimate of JoJo Siwa’s wealth is $20 million. Siwa first came to prominence on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” and then she began making appearances on “Dance Moms.”

JoJo’s big breakthrough occurred when she became a YouTube sensation; reality TV played a role in it. As of the year 2020, she has approximately 12 million subscribers and many of her videos have accumulated hundreds of millions of views. She is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful individuals.

Billboard reported in November 2019 that the 19-year-old singer made $27 million from her sold-out North American D.R.E.A.M Tour.

JoJo Siwa Gives Back to Children with Cance

JoJo not only makes a lot of money, but she also makes time to help others and donates some of it. To put a smile on the faces of children with cancer and their families, the 19-year-old star founded the JoJo Siwa Childhood Cancer Foundation in 2021. Donations will be used to help families struggling with childhood cancer and fund research, as stated on the organization’s website.

How Much Money Does JoJo Siwa Really Make?

How Much Money Does JoJo Siwa Really Make

Many of JoJo’s supporters have pointed out that the number of bow ribbons she has purportedly sold—40 million—suggests that her wealth is much greater than we have calculated.

She is obviously making a lot of money from product sales, albeit this figure has not been independently verified or documented in a business magazine. Even if the 40 million figure is accurate, that doesn’t mean JoJo is personally profiting “hundreds of millions” of dollars.

After the production and marketing costs of a celebrity product line have been recouped, the celebrity usually just receives payment. Evidently, this kind of milestone has already been attained and surpassed if JoJo has sold 40 million ribbons. This indicates that she is, in fact, receiving a cut of the proceeds.

We make a conservative estimate of $2.5 in net profit from each transaction, using the average cost per product sold on a $9 bow across all industries. We have seen similar celebrity endorsement deals before, and after expenses are covered, JoJo would be lucky to receive 20% of the revenues.

That translates to a gross profit of $0.54 from each sale. If JoJo did, in fact, sell 40 million bow ribbons, she likely needed to sell at least 10 million to break even. After taxes, she would be left with $16 million. Estimate a sum of $8,000,000 USD after taxes.

These numbers demonstrate that JoJo is making a significant income from product sales. Any wealth figures displayed on our site are adjusted for taxes, so please keep that in mind as well.

To have a net worth of $14 million, an individual would need to bring in between $25 and $30 million a year before taxes and other expenses. We predict that JoJo’s net worth will rise to between $50 and $100 million if she continues her present success trajectory.

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16-Year-Old JoJo Siwa Buys $3.5 Million Mansion

JoJo spent $3.5 million on a house in the Tarzana, California, suburb of Los Angeles in February 2020. She was only 16 at the time, yet she already had more wealth than the average person earns in a lifetime. Siwa’s new home was promptly unveiled on her YouTube channel, and she gave the grand tour to her dedicated fan base.

The Mediterranean-style house is 6,000 square feet in size, so it can comfortably accommodate JoJo and her family. This young YouTuber will have plenty of inside amenities to enjoy for many years to come, including marble floors, fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen, French doors, and more. There’s a pool and a sports field in the outdoor space.

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