Joshua Dobbs Girlfriend: Who Is an NFL Player Courting?

Robert Joshua Dobbs, better known by his stage name Joshua Dobbs, plays quarterback in the National Football League for the Minnesota Vikings. Both his personal and professional lives have made him extremely well-known to his fan base. You will find all the facts about his partner on this site.

Who is Joshua Dobbs’ Girlfriend?

Joshua Dobbs’ girlfriend is Jocelyn Lara. He has had Jocelyn Lara’s support through all of their highs and lows. In the post below, you can see a stunning couple:


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When Did Joshua Dobbs & Jocelyn Lara Start dating?

In 2021, they formally announced their romance on Jocelyn’s birthday.“Swipe to see the chronicles of Joce and Josh!” was the caption Joshua Dobbs wrote on a social media post:


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They were both University of Tennessee students. Joshua Dobbs pursued an aerospace engineering degree in 2016 and maintained a 4.0 GPA. Jocelyn Lara was a student at the same university.

Their paths might have crossed more often on the football pitch. He began as the starting quarterback at the school where she worked as a football recruiting assistant. She hasn’t stopped playing sports since then. You can read about Jocelyn Lara’s life below.

What Work Did Jocelyn Lara Do in Her Life?

Joshua Dobbs Girlfriend
Joshua Dobbs Girlfriend

Jose Lara and Delmy Zelaya welcomed Jocelyn Lara into the world on December 10, 1996. She grew up in Chelsea, Massachusetts, with her two siblings, Jessica Lara Echevarria and Arnold Lara. She was a student at the University of Tennessee.

In 2019, she earned a degree in marketing and supply chain management. She helped the institution find football players to recruit. Since then, she has kept up her participation in athletics. In February 2020, she participated in the NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum.

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That same year, she served as the head football coach of the University of Minnesota’s executive assistant. She began working with Team IFA in June 2021 as a customer relations coordinator.

It is a Minneapolis-based sports management company. She began working as an account manager for Generation Adidas International in Atlanta in October of the same year. This much information about Joshua Dobbs’ personal life is currently accessible.

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