Justin Herbert Injury: Herbert May Have a Stomach or Rib Injury, According to Staley!

Justin Herbert won the game, even though it hurt a lot.

In the fourth quarter of the Chargers’ game against the Chiefs on “Thursday Night Football,” defensive end Mike Danna hit quarterback Justin Herbert hard. The hit caused the Chargers’ quarterback a lot of pain.

It was obvious that Herbert was in difficulty when he left the game for a play and returned; Amazon cameras recorded him gesturing to his left side and he appeared to have trouble tossing the ball.

The Chargers quarterback took a lot of hits but only ended up getting sacked twice. The Chief’s defence got four good hits in on him, and at least one of them hurt.

Herbert completed the game despite being somewhat off target in the final minutes; nevertheless, he did move the Chargers within a touchdown with 71 seconds left. The latest on Herbert’s condition is as follows

Justin Herbert’s injury update

Chiefs defensive end Mike Danna laid a heavy hit on Herbert in the fourth quarter of their “Thursday Night Football” game against the Chargers. L.A.’s head coach claimed after the game that Herbert was “OK,” but that the team would have more information regarding Herbert’s condition on Friday.

X-rays of Herbert were taken after the game, as reported on “Thursday Night Football,” and confirmed by The Athletic: Staley said postgame that Herbert is dealing with an issue that may be abdomen or ribs:

In the words of defensive end Brandon Staley, “you’re not going to see any quarterback in any level of football play tougher and accomplish more for their team— there’s nobody who can do what he can do.” while referring to Herbert. Nobody. He was quite courageous…he got us back in the game.
Justin Herbert Injury
Justin Herbert Injury
For whatever he was going through, “that’s just the mindset and the toughness that he has,” Mike Williams remarked after the game. Furthermore, “to stand in there and make plays— that’s the quarterback that’s directing us.”
On the sidelines, Herbert limped around as if in pain, as if he had been seriously injured by the strike. While sitting on the bench, Herbert pointed and made a clear preference for his left side.

He’d go down on the field for one play, and come back in to assist the Chargers to drive the field for a touchdown.

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