Kamala Harris’s Car Crash: Secret Service is Being Accused of Covering It Up

Director of the Secret Service Kim Cheatle is concerned that the incident is being mischaracterized as the result of mechanical failure.

It was mischaracterized as a “mechanical failure” by the Secret Service, although US Vice President Kamala Harris was in an automobile accident on Monday.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that a vehicle in Ms. Harris’ motorcade had hit a curb on the route to the White House, forcing the vice president to switch cars.

Director of the Secret Service Kim Cheatle was “concerned” that the incident had been “mischaracterized” as a “mechanical breakdown,” according to the article.

On Wednesday, Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told USA Today that one of the vehicles in the convoy “had a small overcorrection and impacted a curb.”

Ms. Harris was a passenger and was moved to another car before continuing on to the White House.

Kamala Harris's Car Crash Secret Service is Being Accused of Covering It Up

According to Mr. Guglielmi, “initial radio communication suggested this was a technical problem and that was relayed to agency leadership by staff assisting the motorcade movement.”

“Once the defensive action was over, leadership was verbally updated with the new information that the car had hit a curb.”

After the catastrophe, a social media video showed a motorcade near the tunnel and several authorities entering it.

The Washington Post reports that Ms. Cheatle voiced alarm over the inaccuracies of the original notice on the vice president’s delay.

According to the article, Secret Service officers covered up crucial information about the crash and blamed “a mechanical problem” for the transfer in an internal warning.

According to one person quoted by the publication, Ms. Cheatle did not find out until much later in the day that the warning had misrepresented what had happened.

Mr. Guglielmi was reportedly cited as adding that agents will personally update their superiors “with further essential facts” after the occurrence.

Ms. Harris “received no injuries and appreciates the prompt reaction by her USSS detail to bring her to the White House safely,” according to a statement sent by Vice President Pence’s spokeswoman, Kirsten Allen.

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