Kathy Griffin: After lung cancer, my voice may never get back to normal

Even after radiation treatment for lung cancer, Kathy Griffin’s voice is still somewhat hoarse.

The 61-year-old comic spoke up about her experiences with cancer on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

She acknowledged that her illness had permanently altered her voice’s pitch but said that she was determined to overcome this obstacle.

Griffin explained his vocal damage: “So last time I was here — just fast — I had lung cancer, they took away half my left lung.” To paraphrase, “I am OK, it doesn’t hurt, and the crucial thing is that my boobs are still fantastic.”

Kathy Griffin

A comedic character stated, “I think it’ll return to normal, but I’m not sure. I haven’t finished yet.

Kimmel, 54, continued the joke by suggesting that Griffin maybe even amusing if he changed his voice.

“I think I sound non-threatening and modest, which makes me hilarious. “That’s my fresh spin on it,” she said.

The late-night host expressed relief that the comic was not a law enforcement official.

What would you do if I were a cop?” ‘Stop! Quit your arguing already! Do your best to be more cordial. When Griffin was curious, he finally spoke out.

In August of 2021, the star of “My Life on the D-List” revealed to her audience that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. After a few days, she underwent surgery to remove a chunk of her lung.

The ex- “Fashion Police” co-host admitted she used to be addicted to pills and told her audience that she hoped to overcome her problem without resorting to drugs.

Truthfully, I was unprepared for the difficulty involved in removing cancerous tissue. The first night I don’t take any opioid medicines is tonight. She then posted on Instagram, “Hello Tylenol, my new best buddy.” In June 2020, I overdosed on prescription drugs in an attempt to end my life, and it was the last time I was hospitalized.

She said, “I know I can accomplish this and whatever I want without those devil medications because I’ve been clean and sober for over a year.” Hey, you know what? Drug abuse and dependence terrify me even more than cancer. Therefore, I believe I will be well.

In November 2021, Griffin revealed that she was cancer-free during Kimmel’s talk program appearance.

Cancer has entirely left my body,” Griffin said at the time. I mean, I had a tumor, so who knows? Even after ten years, I still haven’t picked up the habit of smoking. So, here’s the kicker: they tossed it and then located it in another scan.

She said, “It will heal, but I’m sort of enjoying it.” when asked about her voice. At least two octaves higher, I’d say… Certainly above Mariah Carey’s level.

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