Who Is Katie Feeney Dating- Situation and Breakup Rumours

Katie Feeney is a famous social media star and TikTok star from the United States. She is known for her funny dance, unboxing, DIY, and TikTok videos.

Katie has since gained a large number of fans on other social media sites besides TikTok. Similarly, Katie often works as a model for businesses that sell clothes, shoes, and other things. Katie started using YouTube in 2016, and she now has more than 2.5 million subscribers there.

Because she has a lot of followers on social media, many want to know more about her love life. And now, here are some details about who she has dated in the past.


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Is Sean Yamada still dating Katie Feeney? Talk of breaking up

Katie Feeney’s boyfriend, Sean Yamada, and the two of them had broken up. In one of her Q&A videos, the TikTok star said that they were no longer together. In the next video, she talked about why they broke up and answered questions from her fans about her relationship with Sean.

The news was also made public on February 24, 2022. As soon as it happened, a lot of comments from people who were shocked by the news started to show up. One of her fans said, “My mouth dropped open and my heart sank when I heard her say she was done with Sean.”

Someone else said, “That’s so sad.” Even though you were far apart, I thought you two got along so well. But please, Katie, don’t let anything change you or make you feel less confident. Stay the strong girl you are.

Katie, who is famous on TikTok, is dating MLB player Jack Hurley right now.

A baseball player named Jack Hurley and Katie Feeney is reportedly dating, according to a post on Instagram by Feeney. When the Tiktoker posted a picture of the two of them together on June 20, the couple could be seen holding hands. There were a lot of nice things said about the couple in the comments section of the post.

Even though many people thought they were cute together, some were worried about her relationship with Sean, who used to be her boyfriend. Jack is also a baseball player. In 2018, he committed to play for Virginia Tech and his uniform has the number 31 on it. About 8,000 people follow him on Instagram.

On January 30, 2018, he released a statement that said, “I’m very happy to show my support for Virginia Tech! I’m so glad to keep being a Hokie in both the classroom and on the field. I’m glad that my friends, teachers, and family have helped me.

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A timeline of the relationships of the 19-year-old social media starlet.

Katie Feeney’s ex-boyfriend was American college football player Sean Yamada when she was a popular Tiktok star. Even though not much is known about their relationship, it is said that they began dating when they were in high school.

It’s not known if Katie was with someone else before Sean. She has been seen with Sean, the quarterback for the varsity football team since she started getting attention on social media.

From her Instagram photos, it looks like she is with Jack, who is probably her boyfriend. From all of her recent photos, it looks like they are dating.

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