Katie Taylor Net Worth: How Rich is Professional Boxer?

It’s safe to say that Katie Taylor is one of the most well-known names in women’s combat sports. Furthermore, she is the unquestioned lightweight champion and belongs to an exclusive group of boxers. Seven pros, including Bray Bomber, have simultaneously been world champions of all four sanctioning organizations. Examine the wealth of Katie Taylor.

Katie Taylor, originally from Ireland, is a professional boxer and former football player. She has won two world titles, and the lightweight division crown is hers to hold unchallenged. Since 2017, she has held the WBA title; since 2018, she has also held the IBF, WBC, and WBO titles. Furthermore, her WBO junior welterweight title also held the WBO, WBO, and Ring magazine titles in 2019.

Katie Taylor’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Katie Taylor has roughly $2 million net worth. Her boxing career is how she makes the bulk of her living. Taylor’s amateur boxing career was incredibly successful. She won five consecutive gold medals at the Women’s World Championships, six gold medals at the European Championships, and five gold medals at the European Union Championships. Taylor has a large fanbase in Ireland. She is also lauded for her role in increasing the visibility of women’s boxing on a global scale. She stands out as the most outstanding Irish athlete of her era. She carried the Irish flag at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Later, she became the world’s best lightweight athlete and earned an Olympic gold medal.

Katie Taylor’s birthdate is July 2, 1986, and she was born in Bray County, Wicklow. Her parents, Irish immigrant Bridget Cranley and Englishman Peter Taylor, raised her alone. Sarah is her sister, and Lee and Peter are her older brothers. Peter teaches mathematics at Dublin City University. Her father, a barrister, born in Birmingham, originally came to Bray to work in the amusement arcades with her uncle. Upon tying the knot with Bridget, he eventually made his home in Bray.

Katie Taylor Net Worth

Biography of Katie Taylor

After defeating Delfine Perusoon in 2019, she joined a select group of eight men and women who have held all four major international boxing titles simultaneously (WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO). In 2019, she finally won a fight in the lightweight division, beating Persoon. She also took home the title of first-ever victor.

Taylor went to St. Kilian’s High School in Bray from 1999 to 2005. She was the only sibling not represented by at least one of her three elder brothers. She participated in various sports for her local GAA club, Fergal Ogs, including boxing, association football, women’s Gaelic soccer, and camogie. As a student at St. Killian’s, she participated in athletics with Bray Runners and attracted interest from several universities in the United States, where she was awarded scholarships.

The Early Life of Katie Taylor

Taylor, whose mother, Bridget (née Cranley), is Irish and whose father, Pete Taylor, is English, was born on July 2, 1986, in Bray, County Wicklow. Sarah is her older sister, while Lee and Peter, both math professors at Dublin City University, are her brothers. Her father, born in the area around Leeds and raised in Birmingham, originally came to Bray to work in the amusement arcades along the coast with his father.

With Bridget by his side, he decided to plant roots in Bray. He won the Irish senior light heavyweight title in 1986. In time, he transitioned from his original profession as an electrician to that of Taylor’s full-time boxing instructor. Like Taylor, he trained Adam Nolan, an Irish Olympic competitor, in 2012. Bridget was also interested in boxing and was one of the first female referees and judges in Ireland.

Taylor went to St. Kilian’s Community School in Bray from 1999 to 2005. There was a unified educational experience for her three elder brothers and sisters. She participated in various athletics, including boxing, association football, Gaelic football, and camogie for the Bray Emmets and Fergal gs local clubs.

She participated in athletics with the local club, Bray Runners. While she was still a student at St. Killian’s, she reportedly received offers of athletic scholarships from numerous American universities. She qualified for a sports scholarship to University College Dublin based on her Leaving Cert scores but chose to attend another school instead. She decided to leave UCD early as her athletic career took off.

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