Kendall Jenner Shows Off Giant Fake Tattoo on Her Butt: ‘We Get It, You’re a Scorpio’

With Scorpio season fast approaching, Kendall Jenner got a huge scorpion tattoo on her butt. It’s a hoax, so be warned.

Jenner “placed a bumper sticker on a Bentley” in new images for Pop magazine, mocking her sister Kim Kardashian’s famous tattoo ideology.

With the 47th edition, the 26-year-old model joined the ranks of former cover stars Gigi Hadid, Suki Waterhouse, and Alexa Demie by debuting the temporary ink.

With the similarly cheeky remark, “we get it, you’re a Scorpio,” Jenner posted a carousel of photographs from the Stevie Dance-shot cover session to Instagram. In addition to photos, the photographer also released a video clip from the session, in which we get a better look at Jenner’s rump tattoo in action.

In one of three glossy, neutral-toned shoots for the magazine, the second youngest Jenner donned a high-rise black lingerie set to highlight her new tattoo.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance album cover photographer Carlijn Jacobs collaborated with the Kardashians star for an edgy underwater session for the Pop edition. Valentin Herfray photographed the celebrity on a miniature golf course.

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Giant Fake Tattoo on Her Butt

The woman has multiple little tattoos, including white-ink finger tats, a “meow” tattoo on her inner lip, and a tiny cowboy boot on her ankle.

In August, the model revealed her western-themed ankle tattoo on Instagram: a tiny drawing of a cowboy boot by artist Kate McDuffie, who is also the creator of the art company The Ghost Kat.

Jenner re-posted McDuffie’s photo of the tattoo on her Story with the caption “When at the rodeo.”

In 2018, Jenner revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she got the “meow” tattoo on the inside of her lower lip in 2016 while intoxicated.

Model Kendall Jenner told Ellen DeGeneres, “Before I reveal my secret tattoo (Jenner was cautious not to smudge her statement lipstick), “You could say I was tipsy. My mind was all over the place.” The presenter also wanted to know why the term “meow” was selected.

To put it another way, “that was literally the first thing that came to my head,” she said. Just some drunken musings, I suppose.

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