Kendall Jenner Supports Jaden Smith Leaving Kanye West’s Show

Longtime pal Kendall Jenner seemed to agree with Jaden Smith when he said he “had to dive” out of attending Kanye West’s contentious Yeezy Season 9 event.

After Jaden Smith ditched Kanye West’s contentious Yeezy Season 9 fashion presentation at Paris Fashion Week, it appeared like Kendall Jenner and Smith were back on good terms.

The “Donda” rapper and numerous models wore “White Lives Matter” t-shirts at the concert on October 3, and Jaden tweeted that he “had to dip” after witnessing it.

The 24-year-old said, “I Don’t Care Who’s It Is; If I Don’t Feel The Message, I’m Out.” Black lives do matter.

Kendall, 26 (Kim’s younger sister), showed her support for her longtime pal by liking one of Jaden’s tweets about the performance. Kim and Kanye married six years before they divorced in February 2021.

Following his provocative clothes were discussed by Vogue contributing editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Kanye proceeded to cause a stir online the day after his runway presentation. Ye retaliated by sharing many images of the media professional and commentary criticizing her aesthetic choices on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner Supports Jaden Smith Leaving Kanye West's Show

Gigi Hadid, who has worked with Gabriella in the past, defended her and called Kanye “a bully and a joke” after hearing his criticism.

The supermodel commented beneath one of his posts, “You wish u had a portion of her brains.” “What are you thinking? Lol… If there is any substance to your b.s. at all. She might be your last hope for survival. Why should someone’s willingness to share their thoughts be hindered because they were given the ‘honor’ of being invited to your show? Lol.”

Gigi also referred to the fashion editor as “one of the most significant voices in our profession” in her Instagram Stories. She didn’t directly call out Kanye, but she did say that Gabriella, who was just named one of the 500 individuals impacting the global design business by Business of Fashion, “could teach that terrible guy in more ways than he knows.”

Two hours later, on October 4, Kanye posted on Instagram that he had met with his “SISTER” Gabriella.

The rapper explained that they had apologized to one another for the pain they had caused. We both know what it’s like to try to find your place in a world that isn’t your own, so it’s no surprise that we hit it off and spent some quality time together.

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