Kraken Notes: Splashy Pregame Introductions Finally Ready to Go at Climate Pledge Arena !

It turns out that getting a thorough introduction to the Kraken is never too late, as fans learned on Saturday night.

Kraken hoped to have a positive reaction to its newest pregame show, which lasted for just over four and a half minutes before the Kraken’s game against the Los Angeles Kings. Since the team’s COVID-19-impacted October 23 home opener at Climate Pledge Arena, the team’s stylized introduction has been a work in progress.

Opening with a marine creature’s threatening growl and blaring warning sirens, the presentation was supposed to represent a ship in rough waters.

Insisting that people not be alarmed by high winds or rough seas, a gravelly announcer said. Stormy skies and seas above do not faze me.” The beast that lives in the depths is feared. “Kraken chained to the ice.”

Digital oceans began to churn up on the surface of the ice rink. Political reporter Chris Daniels suddenly appeared in the crowd, possibly moonlighting as a weatherman for KING 5.

Dangerously, Daniels said, “Across the sound, seas have been agitated,” mentioning odd incidents from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to Port Townsend. “However,” Daniels added, “the question remains.” “What lurks below?”
The news spread quickly. An enormous tentacle of the Kraken — a big squid, if you like — lowered from the arena’s rafters in the darkness. The voice of the PA announcer reappeared, telling the crowd. “The moment has come. To let go of. What a beast!

Lights returned to the arena and the tentacle appeared, protruding briefly before being hauled back into place. After that, the Kraken team took to the ice for their first game.

For the preceding three months, the Kraken had only utilized movies and strobe lights in its debut. Equipment and planned testing had to be postponed due to the late completion of the arena until just before the home opener.

It was only after the gigantic tentacle was finally in a position that an engineering error occurred. In the meantime, it sat drydocked in the rafters, unable to be moved, delaying its adoption for several more weeks.

As a result, the Kraken was forced to wait an extra two weeks between games at Climate Pledge because of COVID-19 difficulties. Before the Kings game, a different version was displayed, but it is not the final one: There will be some changes in early February, according to a team source.

Kraken Game
Kraken Game

Driedger Starts Again

It’s only the second time this season that Kraken goalie Chris Driedger has started both of his team’s games in goal. In a 2-1 loss to St. Louis on Thursday, Driedger looked crisp.

In Dave Hakstol’s words: “Of course his performance is a part of it. In addition, there was some consideration given to the team we’re facing. We’ll need both of you to help us out during this hectic period. However, I believe Chris has a chance to gain some momentum for himself and our team tonight following his solid effort in St. Louis last night.”

But Hakstol would not go so far as to imply that Driedger or Philipp Grubauer will start in goal moving forward because of their recent performance. After a good debut against the Avalanche, Grubauer got the nod to start the next two games in Colorado and Dallas.

“I’m not going to dive fully into that mode,” Hakstol stated. “Grubi is our man. He’s the best.” “It’s been said.” He’s the best in the business. In the past, Chris (Driedger) has been able to carry a lot of weight in this league. “If he can acquire confidence in his game and provide us solid performances, it will be a tremendous boost for our goaltender tandem. He’s an extremely competitive kid.”

Grubauer and Driedger, the predicted Kraken team, haven’t performed as well as expected. As a starter, Grubauer has appeared in 26 contests, whereas Driedger has appeared in only eight, missing time due to injuries to the same knee on two separate occasions.

In both traditional and advanced statistics, the Kraken has some of the worst goals against and goalie figures in the league. They have a league-worst 132 goals against and a team saves percentage of.875 as of Saturday.

Because of this, they allowed roughly 26 more goals than projected, about twice as many as the next-closest team in terms of the quality of shots faced.

Eberle Ready to Be an All-star

Jordan Eberle, the Kraken’s first-ever All-Star winger, is looking forward to representing the team at next month’s event in Las Vegas. Eberle has been selected to the All-Star team twice before, the first time being in his second season with the Oilers, when he scored 34 goals and had 42 assists.

At the start of the weekend, he has 12 goals and 12 assists to his name.

A long time ago, I visited.” I was fairly young,” he admitted. “I’m becoming a little older now. My wife and I both have children. Having a good time with her and making some memories would be fantastic.”

Others in the league should have been selected, but Eberle admitted that they weren’t. When Nazem Kadri of the Avalanche was left out of the NHL All-Star Game because he has 13 goals and 35 assists, commentators and fans were outraged.

It’s not that Eberle isn’t aware of the controversy around the format; he just doesn’t have time to obsess over the All-Star rules right now. “I recognize that some players who are having outstanding seasons will not be selected because of the system, which requires that a player from each squad be selected. I’m not in charge of making the rules. To me, the opportunity to attend and to go with my family is a huge blessing.”

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