Kyler Murray Condemns ‘Sickening’ Mass Shooting in Allen, Texas

Kyler Murray, the quarterback for the Cardinals, finished high school in Allen, Texas. Allen, Texas, was the site of the most recent American mass shooting on Saturday.

Following the event at a well-known Allen outlet mall that resulted in the deaths of nine people, Murray turned to Twitter via

“This is sickening,” Murray said. “Prayers to the mass shooting victims in Allen, Texas. If there is any way I can help those affected by this tragedy please let me know. When is this shit gonna stop?”

The tweet below confirms the news of the shooting:

What a wonderful question. We noted in late March that being shot and killed in public is simply one of the risks that Americans must now accept while leaving their houses.

It must be altered. That is unavoidable. But it seems unlikely that it will. This seems to be the new normal. Unwillingly allowed because there is inadequate political will and/or leadership to change it and since it ultimately affects a relatively small proportion of Americans, this odd, twisted, aberrant normal is what exists today.

But if it occurs just once, it does so far too frequently. And because it occurs so frequently, the only thing we can do to deal with this reality is feel horrible for the victims, possibly give some money to their families, and wait for the next incident to unavoidably happen. While assuming that neither ourselves nor anyone we care about would be affected.

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