What is Lana Del Rey Age Now: When Will be She Release Her New Album?

Lana Del Rey, born on June 21, 1985, started singing in her church choir when she was 13 and quickly realized she had a gift for music. However, she has stated in the past that it was at Fordham University that her “musical experience” started.

Now she’s one of the biggest pop sensations in the United States. She has garnered numerous awards and recognitions since her 2011 breakthrough with the track “Video Games,” including two Brit Awards, two M.T.V. Europe Music Awards, and six Grammy Award nominations.

Lana Del Rey Age

She entered this world on June 21, 1985, in New York City, as we all know. As of the year 2023, this puts Lana Del Rey’s age somewhere around the ripe old age of 38. She was born to parents Robert England Grant and Patricia Ann.

She began studying philosophy at ‘Fordham University’ when she was 19 years old, focusing on metaphysics.

Lana Del Rey’s Chart-Topping Albums: From ‘Born to Die’ to ‘Ultraviolence’

Lana Del Rey's Chart-Topping Albums From 'Born to Die' to 'Ultraviolence'

The studio album “Born to Die” by Lana Del Rey is widely regarded as one of her best. The album premiered at the beginning of 2012. The album debuted at #2 on the US Billboard 200 chart after its first week of release, selling 77,000 copies.

Watch her song Born To Die:

Featuring international smashes including “Born to Die,” “Off to the Races,” “Blue Jeans,” and “Video Games,” the album enjoyed widespread success around the world. It topped the charts for ‘Swiss Albums,’ ‘French Albums,’ ‘German Albums,’ and ‘UK Albums.’ Opinions were split on it. Seven million copies had been sold as of June 2014.

The tweet below shows that her new album will release on 29th September:

Lana Del Rey starred in a biblically inspired short film on sin and salvation in 2013. The video was titled Tropico. In December, the film debuted at Hollywood, California’s “Cinerama Dome.” Del Rey played the role of “Eve” in the Anthony Mandler-directed picture.

Other actors, including Shaun Ross and Kevin Lee Light, appeared in it. The film’s soundtrack, which includes the tracks “Body Electric,” “Gods & Monsters,” and “Bel Air,” is sourced from Del Rey’s Paradise EP. In 2012, they released the EP to the public.

One of her most important works, ‘Ultraviolence,’ came out in June of 2014. The album opened at number one on the ‘US Billboard 200,’ indicating that it is arguably her finest work to date.

Within the first week of its release, it sold 182,000 copies, and within six months, it had sold over a million. Singles from the album, including “Cruel World,” “Ultraviolence,” and “Shades of Cool,” were hits in multiple countries. It topped the charts in the United Kingdom (‘UK Albums’), Finland (‘Finnish Albums’), and Canada (‘Canadian Albums’).

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