Lee County Sheriff Says Man Found In Sinking Boat Is Missing Since Ian

On Sunday, authorities confirmed that the body of a 72-year-old man who had been missing since Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc over Florida in late September had been recovered from a submerged yacht in Lee County waters.

James “Denny” Hurst, who was last seen alive aboard the sailboat “Good Girl” in the area of Fort Myers Beach, the epicenter of the Category 3 hurricane, had been confirmed identified, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno announced in a Facebook post on Friday. With the boater’s fatality, the sheriff’s office said that 75 people have lost their lives in Lee County when Ian made landfall on September 27.

According to the Florida Medical Examiners Commission, 146 people have died since Hurricane Ian hit on January 13. His family is in our prayers,” Marceno stated.

There was an outpouring of emotional remarks on social media shortly after the news.

Lee County Sheriff Says Man Found In Sinking Boat Is Missing Since Ian

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Fort Myers local Joshua Rubinek wrote on Facebook, “So terrible, sympathies to family and friends.” There are no words that can ease the pain of this awful catastrophe. There is now an end to the uncertainty. Those impacted by this tragedy, may God’s mercy shine upon you.

Jackie Krohn, a local of Punta Gorda, also sent her condolences to his daughter and family. We pray that his discovery brings them peace. So long, Denny.

Chris Hetherington of Ohio expressed his sadness while also expressing gratitude that the family now has answers and may find closure. Though I didn’t know them personally, it was obvious that he had a deep and abiding passion for sailing and the FMB (Fort Myers Beach) way of life. Sending good thoughts and prayers to his daughter and her family.

A worker at Salty Sam’s Marina reportedly called the sheriff’s office on Thursday after seeing boat debris in an area where it had not previously been seen. Divers descended beneath the surface on Thursday night, and the boat was hauled out of the water on Friday.

The official cause of death wasn’t revealed right away.

A woman’s body, aged 82, was found.
This month’s discoveries did not only include Hurst’s body.

The 82-year-old Ilonka Knes was found dead in a Fort Myers Beach canal on January 10 by a waste removal firm. A press conference held by Marceno on Thursday revealed that her body had been found fewer than two miles from her house after she had been missing for around 100 days.

Marceno claims that the medical examiner utilized dental records to positively identify her as the person who drowned during Hurricane Ian.

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