Titanic Star Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth: A Look at His $100 Million Real Estate Portfolio

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knew Leonardo DiCaprio had a lot of money. As in, he’s even wealthier than Kris Jenner. This is not surprising given that Leo’s films have grossed billions around the world, that he has made a fortune in real estate, and that he owns an island.

If you’re in the right frame of mind to learn about someone else’s incredible wealth (it certainly isn’t mine), we’ll soon delve into Leo’s impressive financial history. And just to whet your appetite, Forbes estimates that Leo earned $29 million in 2015 alone, which is more than the total net worths of some of the celebrities we’ve looked into. Simply stating!

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth

American actor, director, producer, philanthropist, and campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio is worth $300 million. Leonardo DiCaprio made more than $300 million in salary and residuals between 1995 and 2020.

Titanic’s director, James Cameron, made $40 million from a $2.5 million basic pay and a 1.8% cut of gross backend points. Additional tens of millions of dollars have come to him from endorsements, real estate investments, and venture capital.

Dicaprio’s Success With Titanic and Other Films

Leo debuted in the film Critters 3 in 1991. He played the major part in the 1993 movie This Boy’s Life, for which he gained widespread acclaim.

Leonardo received an Academy Award nomination for his role in the following film, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Dicaprio’s dramatic turns in Total Eclipse and The Basketball Diaries also won him praise. The 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio film Romeo + Juliet was a global box office success, bringing in $147.5 million.

Titanic, directed by James Cameron and following in the footsteps of this triumph, was released in 1997. Titanic went on to break numerous records at the box office, garnered numerous accolades, and cemented DiCaprio’s status as a Hollywood A-lister.

After the success of Catch Me If You Can (directed by Steven Spielberg, $352 million worldwide), DiCaprio went on to star in critically acclaimed films such as Christopher Nolan’s Inception and the Oscar-winning film Revolutionary Road.

Gangs of New York ($193.7 m. worldwide), The Aviator ($211 m. worldwide), The Departed ($289 m. worldwide), Shutter Island ($294.8 m. worldwide), and The Wolf of Wall Street ($392 m. worldwide) are just a few of the films in which he has starred under the direction of the legendary Martin Scorsese.

In addition to his roles in The Great Gatsby, The Revenant, and J. Edgar, Leonardo DiCaprio has also acted in Django Unchained and J. Edgar. Films like “The Aviator,” “Orphan,” “Runner Runner,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” all feature DiCaprio’s hand as a producer.

For his role in 2016’s The Revenant, he was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor. In addition to his Oscar and BAFTA wins, DiCaprio has three Golden Globes for Best Actor in The Aviator, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Revenant. It was revealed in 2017 that Leonardo DiCaprio would play the titular character in Roosevelt, a film directed by Martin Scorsese.

The Giving Legacy of Leonardo DiCaprio

The Giving Legacy of Leonardo DiCaprio

The creative mogul has a history of giving to a wide variety of charities, so he is no stranger to assisting those in need. This actor has left a charitable legacy by supporting numerous causes. His contributions have helped organizations including Declare Yourself, Feeding America, Global Cool, Global Green, and the Pediatric Epilepsy Project.

In 1998, after the success of Titanic, Leo founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an organization dedicated to environmental causes. To be more precise, “to aid in promoting and maintaining the long-term vitality of all people on Earth.”

The group promotes integrated inventiveness that helps preserve animals while reestablishing ecological and social balance through a network of creative partnerships. Since its establishment, his organization has donated over $80 million, supporting over 70 thriving initiatives in over 40 nations.

In July 2015, DiCaprio promised $15 million in grants to a wide range of environmental organizations working on conservation issues throughout the world. Organizations on the cutting edge of innovation and environmental protection, as well as those who help indigenous communities conserve and preserve their own natural resources, will all benefit from this effort.

Al Gore’s anti-global-warming campaign inspired Leonardo DiCaprio to double down on his own initiatives to support environmental activists tackling the world’s most serious problems. Facilitating the achievement of more ambitious goals in a shorter amount of time for groups like National Geographic Pristine Seas, which works to conserve the oceans, and ClearWater, which works to protect millions of acres of the tropical rainforest in Ecuador.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Computer Center at the Los Feliz, California Library, which was constructed on the location of his childhood home, was funded in part by a $35,000 donation from Leo outside of his foundation. He gave a million dollars to the hurricane relief operations in both Haiti and Texas.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s $100 Million Real Estate Portfolio

Celebrity Net Worth reports that DiCaprio also has a $100 million real estate portfolio. She Knows claims that the actor has holdings in the Malibu, Studio City, and Hollywood Hills real estate markets.
According to Hollywood Reporter, in 2014, the actor purchased the famous Palm Springs mansion of the late singer Dinah Shore for $5.2 million.

According to The Real Deal, in 2008, Leonardo DiCaprio spent $3.67 million buying a penthouse apartment in a Battery Park high-rise.
DiCaprio paid $8 million in 2014 for the apartment next door.

According to Business Insider, the Hollywood star also owns Blackare Caye, a private island off the coast of Belize, which he purchased for $1.75 million in the early 2000s.
DiCaprio is currently in the process of constructing a green resort on the island that will be run entirely on renewable energy.

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