Who Are Still Together In Love is Blind Brazil Season 3?

When a third person enters the picture, things naturally become more complicated. There have been a few love triangles as the LIB Brazil pairings have come to know one another, but the survival of the fittest has resulted in some touching proposals. Season 3 of Love is Blind Brazil features a number of romantic proposals and triangles, and we’re here to fill you in.

Are Bianca and Jarbas Still Together?

We’ll begin with Bianca Sessa and Jarbas Andrade, one of the fan-favorite duos from this season of the show thanks to their captivating chemistry and widespread popularity. We hope that the two are still together after getting married on the Netflix show.

The fact that Jarbas has been posting photos of them together on his social media accounts, much to the joy of his fans, suggests that they are currently maintaining at least a cordial connection. However, they have not yet provided an official update on their marital status as of this writing.

Bianca has been working as a nutritionist at Restaurante Bom Prato in Santos, So Paulo, Brazil, since 2019 and she has kept her job there. In addition, the Netflix series revealed that she is a doting mom to her son Klaus.

As for Jarbas, the reality TV star lives in Guarulhos, So Paulo, where he works as a Clerk for Sesc in addition to running his own childrenswear line named Fabrico Fofura and writing extensively. Like his co-star, Jarbas is a doting father who can’t wait to brag about his adorable daughter.

Are Maria and Menandro Still Together?

Are Maria and Menandro Still Together

Up next are the ups and downs experienced by Maria Carolina Caporusso and Menandro Rosa before they finally found each other at the altar. It was wonderful news that they decided to get married, and we all hope that they are still together. They have not provided any information on the status of their marriage.

In addition to her internship with the Sectional Attorney of the Brazilian Federal Treasury, Maria appears to be thriving in her role as CEO of Maria Carolina Atelier. Meanwhile, Menandro runs a store out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Helena, his daughter, appears to be his top priority. She is, without a question, his pride and joy.

Are Agata and Renan Still Together?

Another couple that kept us on the tip of our seats till they finally said “I do” was gata Moura and Renan Justino. The couple’s choice to say “yes” to the wedding was good news that has brought smiles to many faces. The reality TV stars have not provided an update on their marriage as of this writing, but their obvious commitment to one another gives us reason to believe they will stay together.

Fans are pleased to note that both gata and Renan appear to be in good spirits when discussing the social experiment and have posted many photos from their time on the show via social media. While Renan is a physiotherapist in Santos, So Paulo, Brazil, for Contact2sale, gata has since April 2022 been working elsewhere.

Are Karen and Valmir Still Together?

Are Karen and Valmir Still Together

Let’s discuss Karen Bacic and Valmir Reis, whose on-screen romance featured a number of rocky moments and didn’t appear to follow any predetermined formula. However, it was clear that the chemistry between them was strong, as they happily committed to marrying each other on the show.

There has been no announcement from the couple about their marital status as of this writing. Karen has worked hard in her career and has advanced to the position of Senior Hiring Lawyer at Cassius Sociedade de Advogados as of this writing. Valmir, too, works for Banco Daycoval as a commercial manager.

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Are Daniel and Daniela Still Together?

Daniel Manzoni and Daniela “Dani” Silva, whose striking similarities in personality were something that most people in their orbit couldn’t help but enthusiastically remark upon, are essential additions to this list. Therefore, no one was shocked when they said “I do” at the altar and Daniel publicly declared his assent.

Although the couple has not provided an official update on the status of their marriage as of this writing, we have good reason to believe that their relationship is healthy. Daniel owns an eyeglass line and Daniela is an entrepreneur and model, so they clearly have a lot in common outside of their romantic relationship.

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