Man Condemned for Murdering Two Lansing Women With Plans to Kill More

A Man Condemned for Murdering Two Lansing Women: During a traffic stop, Kiernan Brown, 30, showed sheriff’s deputies images of battered bodies. LANSING: A guy who showed sheriff’s officers smartphone images of two women’s battered bodies during a traffic stop was sentenced to 70 to 100 years in prison Wednesday.

Reasons a Man Was Found Guilty of Killing Two Women in Lansing

Three-and-a-half years after killing two Lansing-area women, a Delta Township man was sentenced to life in prison, but the court criticized the prosecutor who negotiated the plea agreement. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Kiernan Brown, 30, to 70 to 100 years in prison. Brown pled guilty, although mentally ill, to two counts of second-degree murder on Aug. 19.

Aquilina rejected a plea agreement from Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon that would have given Brown 30 to 50 years in prison. Aquilina said he couldn’t accept the plea deal in 2020. Aquilina demanded Siemon’s resignation Wednesday.

“Carol Siemon should step down for this case and numerous others,” declared Aquilina, with gallery approbation. Judge: “I’ll never thank Carol Siemon.” “She may remove me off the bench, grief me, and (Judicial Tenure Commission) me, but I’m the public’s voice. So I won.

“I hope she hears you. I hope you show her the proof and she has nightmares about what she was about to do that I prevented “Aquilina. Siemon wasn’t there for the judge’s remarks, but she answered through email.

“The judge has a right to her ideas, but she’s used the bench to criticize me. I don’t agree. My sympathy is with the victims and their families “stated Siemon. “As a prosecutor, I make tough choices and stand behind my job. I’ve reported on our sentencing and charge reforms for six years. My role is to hold offenders accountable for the harm they inflict while guaranteeing a fair, honest, and just criminal justice system.”

A dozen victims’ family members and friends presented victim impact statements. Brock and Mooney were regarded as sympathetic young ladies who wished to help Brown, who sought their help before killing them.

Man Condemned for Murdering Two Lansing Women
Man Condemned for Murdering Two Lansing Women

“You bought guns after asking for her aid. Not for your suicide, but for Julie, Kaylee, and others you list “Mooney’s mother told Brown. Brock, 26, and Mooney, 32, were killed within hours of each other in May 2019 by Brown. Authorities said both ladies died from blunt-force head trauma.

At the time, Brown was on parole for strangling and domestic violence. Deputies were hunting for him the night of the killings to serve a petition for involuntary mental health treatment. Police say it might have been worse. Brown planned to kill four women after failing to enter his ex-home girlfriend’s on May 10, 2019, police said. He killed two before cops captured him.

“Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth added, “He was on a murdering spree.” Brown has schizoaffective, antisocial, borderline, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, his counsel stated.

Brown apologized to the victims’ families. remarked “I miss it. I can’t alter it. I’m sorry I hurt Julie, Kaylee, and their families.” Aquilina: “Sorry doesn’t bring them back…you represent hatred.” “And you had mental issues? Here’s the file. But you didn’t seek treatment; you didn’t tell anyone you had suicidal, deadly thoughts. You intervened. You bought saws, hammers, and other tools so you could drink. So strong that you enticed, lied to, and murdered two women you trusted.”

Michelle Williams said Kaylee Brock sees the best in everyone. Brock was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in sixth grade. She received her high school graduation despite exceptional requirements.

Her relatives stated she wanted independence. She got part-time work and a townhouse with aid from Community Mental Health and Peckham Inc. Williams stated she knew Brown from a youth group. Roger Brock: “Her life was just beginning.”

“Let the light pull you up,” remarked Roger Brock’s daughter. She would tell herself, “Don’t let the darkness weigh you down.” “We put those phrases on her headstone so we wouldn’t let her loss cloud our lives,” Brock added. “I’ve tried to follow these words in recent years. We live in the light.”

Tameeca Mahlich said Julie Mooney was a loving mother and loyal friend. “This morning, while straightening my hair, I remembered all the times she’d tell me, “You did so much better this time.” Is it broken?” said Mahlich.

She stated Mooney helped everyone. She met Brown at Okemos’ Chili’s.

Mooney’s pal George Hogg.

“I could talk about the challenges I’ve had because of this, but after listening to everyone I’ve just listened to, sitting back there considering, knowing what Julie would want, what Kaylee would want… they would want us to let it go,” Hogg said. “As we depart, don’t think about him again.”

Williams reaffirmed his former comments.

“You killed my special-needs daughter and another mother. You wanted to be a serial murderer. He should be forgotten after today. No more mail. The press shouldn’t cover him “stated Williams.

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