Man Pack Net Worth: What Happened to It After Shark Tank?

The Man-Pack is a popular brand of sling-style messenger bags for men. It can take the place of a briefcase, backpack, messenger bag, or even a fanny pack, which is reviled by many. As a result, the folks at Man-Pack designed a compact messenger bag for men that can be worn in three different ways. It also features an abundance of zipped pockets and storage areas, both inside and exterior.

Excellent “satchel,” indeed! Such a powerful tool would have been quite helpful for a young Indiana Jones. The average male nowadays carries over 4.5 pounds worth of gear, including a firearm, in his pockets and on his person. This can be anything from a set of keys to a cell phone to a pair of sunglasses to a wallet to a pair of scissors to a flashlight. Aaron Tweedie, the founder, and leader of Man-Pack is also the group’s namesake. After graduating with a business degree from Old Dominion University, Aaron enlisted in the United States Army National Guard. His professional trajectory took him from the real estate industry to the military, where he eventually became a cadet development officer.

Man Pack Net Worth in 2022

When Aaron Tweedie, a veteran, had to haul a lot of equipment, he was up against some challenging jobs. He usually carried a backpack because of its versatility. After serving in the military, he had the idea for the unique Man-Pack and pitched it on the ABC show Shark Tank. In the year 2022, the wealth of Man-Pack is $4 million.

Man Pack Net Worth

Who Is Inventor?

On December 25, 1979, in Winchester, Virginia, Aaron Tweedie entered the world. However, most of the particulars of his formative years continue to be shrouded in mystery. We know he served in the Virginia Army National Guard as a radio transmission officer and M-60 gunner in the late 1990s. After some time, he decided to attend college and enrolled at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. In 2006, he completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on marketing. Soon after, he started the real estate management and investment firm Tweedie Enterprises LLC.

Putting Together the Man-Pack

While women’s purses seem to be everywhere, guys tend to be stuck with less practical options when it comes to carrying their own stuff. According to Aaron’s presentation, the typical man’s keys, wallet, beverages, and phone add up to the same weight as a small dog. In order to accomplish this, he designed a bag with multiple interior and exterior pockets.

Tweedie wanted a backpack that will hold up well on the job but also look good. The young businessman put up all of his savings in order to create Man-Pack. Early customers included members of the armed forces, and in 2013, he made $76,000 from bag sales. Aaron, however, was in need of capital and therefore sought angel investors.

Man-Pack Appearance on “Shark Tank”

For the sixth season of Shark Tank in 2014, Aaron made an appearance. His inflated asking price of $200,000 for a 29% stake in the company did not help matters in the negotiation. Aaron is an excellent salesman, but unfortunately, this presentation did not go as planned. The ex-national guardsman suggested that men should have a practical bag on hand.

Neither the Sharks nor the investors saw any promise in Man-plans Pack. If you ask Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, they both agree that people will laugh at the idea. Although potential investors like Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner were keen to hear the company’s financial findings, they ultimately decided to pull out. Tweedie walked away because they couldn’t settle their differences.

The Next Step After Shark Tank

Aaron learned a lot from his time on “Shark Tank,” despite the fact that he didn’t receive any financial backing from the show’s namesake investors. It helped him bring to market innovations like the Spitfire sling bag, designed with gun owners in mind.

After a fruitful Kickstarter campaign, he improved upon the original Man-Pack and began selling it as a durable and fashionable everyday bag. All of these products are available for purchase on or on Amazon. In 2014, when Tweedie first appeared on Shark Tank, the company’s annual sales were around $65,000. Without the help of the Sharks, he is now making $3 million a year. Man-current Pack’s $4 million valuation shows the company is thriving beyond analyst projections.

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