MAPPA’s Anime Commercial for MARO17 Hair Care Goes Viral

On July 20, the Tokyo-based company NatureLab unveiled a brand-new animated ad for their MARO17 line of men’s hair care products. Only the 15-second version of the commercial, which was developed in three variants of 15, 30, and 90 seconds, is now accessible on YouTube.

The planning and graphics are the responsibility of MAPPA, a Japanese animation studio that has worked on films like Chainsaw Man and JUJUTSU KAISEN. While Nao Otsu, the BEASTARS character designer, will serve as character/prop designer and animation director, Takeshi Sato, the Chainsaw Man episode director, will be in charge of directing.

Here is an official Tweet:

The main character, Yakumo Tetsu, is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Kaina in Kaina of the Great Snow Sea), while the theme song, “Utakata Rattara,” is performed by the nine-member Japanese ska and jazz ensemble Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Commercial synopsis:

A man wakes up in a red car with a single phone call. She is not in this room this morning, having left with only a gift. He starts to get ready in the morning with his usual routine, but realizes that he has run out of dog food. He doesn’t know where to find the stock, and he doesn’t have time. Today he stands at his favorite sink and shampoos as usual.

The principal actors in the commercials are:

  • Director, Storyboard: Takeshi Sato
  • Character and Prop Designer, Animation Director: Nao Otsu
  • Color Design, Color Setting, Paint Check: Minori Nishida
  • Art Director: Hatuma Sakamoto
  • Photography Director: Mayo Suzuki
  • Editor: Shunya Hozo
  • Assistant Director: Ai Kondo
  • Art setting: Rei Oyama
  • Background: MAPPA. Shinji Kawai, Yuna Ohama Aurore Lopez
  • 2D Design: Kenta Abe
  • Compositing: Yuma Akasu, Keiko Sasaki
  • Production Supervision: Manabu Ohtsuka
  • Animation Producer: Koya Okamura
  • Production Assistant and Setting Manager: Kento Anzai, Yuriko Miyauchi
  • Animation Production: MAPPA

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