Maryland Electrical Wires Caught a Tiny Plane, Pilot and Passenger

Maryland Electrical Wires Caught a Tiny Plane: According to the officers in charge of the rescue, both the pilot and the passenger made it out alive and are doing OK. According to Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Chief Scott Goldstein, early Monday morning, the pilot and passenger who were trapped in an airplane for several hours after it crashed into power lines in Montgomery County, Maryland, on Sunday have been rescued. The crash occurred in Montgomery County.

Electrical Wires in Maryland Snare a Drifter

Authorities in Maryland have confirmed that rescue efforts are underway following the Sunday crash of a tiny plane into power wires, in which both the pilot and passenger were reportedly trapped. Pete Piringer, the chief spokesperson for the Montgomery County (Maryland) Fire & Rescue Service, said that at about 5:30 p.m., rescue crews were sent out after reports of a light plane crashing into electrical lines. When units arrived, they discovered a tiny plane that had hit the tower and was hung about 100 feet in the air. According to Piringer, both the pilot and the passenger are well after the crash.

Police in Maryland has identified the pilot as Patrick Merkle, 65, from Washington, DC. Louisiana State Police have identified the passenger as Jan Williams, 66, from the state. It has been reported by Piringer that roads in the area have been closed and that the fire brigade is in contact with the pilot and passenger. The crash site, state police said, is about four miles northwest of the Montgomery County Airpark. Chief Scott Goldstein of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service said at a press conference on Sunday night that “there is no other way to assess if it is safe to enter the tower until it is grounded or bonded.”

According to the chief, this is accomplished by sending up teams to attach clamps or cables to the lines, which cuts off any static electricity or residual power. He also emphasized the need to safely tether the plane to the tower. As a result of the fog, he said, it’s difficult to see clearly, which just adds to the complexity of the situation. Goldstein remarked that the plane will remain unstable until it was properly chained and tied down. “Any action, even an inadvertent one, might exacerbate the situation.”

CNN station WJLA’s footage shows utility bucket trucks approaching the jet almost six hours into the rescue mission late on Sunday. Goldstein said that the agency has frequent contact with passengers and asks them to limit their cell phone use to save power. Crews “will work to pull the passengers of the plane out and down to the ground and transport (them) to surrounding hospitals,” Goldstein added after the tower is secure and the plane is safely lowered to the ground.

According to the Pepco utility company, which serves around 894,000 customers in Washington, DC, and the neighboring areas in Maryland, less than 1,000 people were without power early Monday morning after the accident. Montgomery County may be found to the north of the nation’s capital. The company verified via Twitter that a private jet had made contact with its transmission wires in Montgomery County. Damage has been assessed, and we are cooperating closely with emergency services in Montgomery County.

Maryland Electrical Wires Caught a Tiny Plane
In addition, “we are waiting for clearance to the area before personnel can begin work to stabilize the electric infrastructure and begin restoring service,” the firm said. Montgomery County school system officials announced Sunday night that all Montgomery County schools will be canceled on Monday becauseofo the severe power outages. Power outages have disrupted maintenance, bus routes, and food service at more than 40 campuses in the Montgomery County Public Schools system, the district reported earlier.

According to Goldstein, two hospitals, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center and Holy Cross Hospital are functioning at reduced levels because of the blackout. Goldstein said that Pepco’s contractor resources and a huge crane from a nearby firm had arrived on the scene. He reassured everyone that “we are approaching this endeavor in a cautious and risk-balanced manner.” Goldstein confirmed late Sunday that FAA representatives and Maryland State Police command staff were already on the scene. State police said that the FAA had restricted plane traffic during the rescue operations.

A CNN report states that the plane is a Mooney with a single engine and that it took off from Westchester County Airport in New York. With the help of the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency will look into what happened. Approximately one mile away from the scene of the incident, William Smouse told CNN affiliate WJLA on Sunday that he and his son were heading out to supper when they noticed “two large flashes” followed by many fire trucks. The situation is bad, but at least they are still in the air. Smouse stated, “We can see the pilot’s mobile phone light in the cockpit; we heard that they called in to report that everything was well.

Smouse has described the encounter as “very alarming,” adding that he lives in an area where jets and planes frequently fly overhead. “I worry about it a lot, where they come in an, they are like 200 or 300 feet above us,” he added.

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