Meaning of Lady Amelia Windsor’s Tattoos Has Been Revealed

Lady Amelia Windsor has an undeniable bohemian flair that earns her a place in the pantheon of fashion’s It girls. The socialite is a paragon of contemporary style, and her tattoos are a great embodiment of her edgy demeanor.

See for the first time Lady Amelia Windsor’s back tattoo in this exclusive shot.

The eco-fashion campaigner has many tattoos, including a sleek monochrome tiger on her shoulder blade and intricate patterns on her rib cage and wrists.

First, Lady Amelia—a distant relative of Prince Harry and Prince William—shared a portrait photo of herself on social media, highlighting her beautiful tiger tattoo. A caption from the granddaughter of the Duke of Kent reads, “Tiger’s always had my back.”

This fashionable princess attended the Serpentine Summer Party while showing off a tattoo of two tiny leaves on her rib cage. She wore a cute minidress in white and pink that exposed some tattoos on her back.

Still, nobody seems to know the meaning of Lady Amelia’s tattoos. HELLO! got in touch with Claudio Traina, celebrity tattooist and CEO of Sixty Tattoos, for additional information on the star’s ink, which comes as a surprise for a member of the royal family.

“The tattoos on Lady Amelia Windsor’s body are a striking statement. She has a tattoo on her ribs, which is not only one of the most painful places to have inked but also the second most popular spot for a concealed secret tattoo.”

Meaning of Lady Amelia Windsor's Tattoos Has Been Revealed

Claudio elaborated on his interpretation of Lady Amelia’s tattoos: “Each person’s tattoo should represent something meaningful to them, but tigers often stand for bravery, strength, independence, and power. Maybe this is fitting, as Lady Amelia isn’t like other royals and her tattoo is big and free, representing her independence from convention.”

“Smaller tattoos placed discreetly are all the rage [among royals]. The fact that tattoos are still socially stigmatized among some demographics makes me think it’s difficult for them to display such tattoos openly.”

The famous tattoo artist also made some observations about the royal family’s tight dress code. It was his words: “It’s encouraging to see Princess Eugenie and Lady Amelia breaking the mold by getting visible tattoos; maybe this will encourage more young royals to follow suit. It’s refreshing to see some of the younger royals recognizing the importance of personal autonomy when it comes to one’s body.”

You won’t be surprised to learn that Lady Amelia isn’t the only member of the royal family to flaunt body art. On her wedding day, Sweden’s Princess Sofia proudly displayed the sun tattoo that has become her signature. Even the royal family has dabbled in tattoos in the past, including Kate, Meghan, and Camilla.

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