Michael Dell Net Worth, Real Estate, And Michael’s Interests In Ownership

Michael Dell, then a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin, borrowed $1,000 from his parents in 1984 to launch a computer accessories company.

From there, he established the foundation for the business model that Dell, Inc. still uses today by selling upgrade kits for personal computers directly to consumers without going through a retail outlet or distributor. Dell’s firm exploded in size in only 20 years, expanding to over 47,000 workers and $40 billion in yearly sales. Look at Michael’s wealth in the year 2023.

Michael Dell Net Worth

Business executive and tech entrepreneur Michael Dell has a net worth of $52 billion. In order to pursue what would become a very successful firm, Dell left college and his incomplete medical degree. Dell, Inc. was founded from this first $1,000 investment. The current annual revenue for Dell, a publicly listed firm, is approximately $90 billion. About half of Dell is now owned by Michael.

The tweet below also confirms the net worth of Michael Dell:

Michael founded Dell Technologies, one of the biggest IT infrastructure firms in the world, and he now serves as its CEO and Chairman.

Boardroom also tweeted a post on Michael Dell’s net worth, and say he is the 23re richest person in the world:

Although it’s true that Michael Dell is one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, his fortune is independent of Dell Technologies. Michael’s wealth stems mostly from his ownership stake in MSD Capital, a private investment firm. MSD Capital has extensive holdings in a wide variety of asset classes, including Dell and other technology companies, real estate, private equity, stocks, bonds, and more. Over $12 billion of MSD Capital’s $16 billion in assets are Michael’s own wealth.

Michael Dell’s Real Estate

Michael Dell has put a large chunk of his fortune into real estate. Michael uses some of these homes as primary residences, while others serve as investments. In 2014, he spent just over $100 million on a penthouse on Manhattan’s Billionaire’s Row, which is arguably his most notable purchase to date.

Michael Dell's Real Estate

It was the most expensive house ever sold in New York. The 89th and 90th floors of the One57 skyscraper in the heart of Midtown are dedicated to this six-bedroom home.

He spent $40 million for a second Boston penthouse in 2017. On Dalton Street, in the Four Seasons Private Residences building, is where you’ll find this particular apartment. The tower’s completion made it the highest residential structure in Boston. There’s also an $18.5 million Los Cabos, Mexico home that’s being advertised as an investment only.

Michael finished building his family’s 33,000-square-foot Austin mansion in 1996. There are 8 bedrooms, a gym, and a lap pool in this house. Dell and his wife also own a number of neighboring properties, bringing the total land area of their complex to almost 120 acres. In 1997, when Michael received a property tax bill for $600,000, it became the subject of a court battle.

Dell said he had spent $30 million on upgrades to his property, but the assessor only valued it at $22.5 million (something that would have offset his tax bill). Michael has an intriguing property named 6D Ranch, located only 12 miles from his Austin home, and it seems to be devoted completely to a handful of Arabian horses.

After the 2004 acquisition of the Four Seasons Maui by MSD Capital, Michael Dell relocated his company to the Kohala coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Michael’s house and area in Kukio are absolutely off-limits to anybody who isn’t a resident there. Naturally, Michael’s Kukio residence is the biggest in the whole community, and at 18,500 square feet, it also has the most bedrooms.

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Michael Dell’s Interests In Ownership

More than $16 billion in assets are managed by MSD Partners, of which Michael Dell is the sole owner and a 65% shareholder. In 2003, Dell Inc. went private for $25 billion, and the company re-entered the public markets in 2018.

Michael has fifty percent of the company’s voting stock. In 2015, he spent $67 billion to acquire EMC Corp., creating Dell Technologies, the biggest private technology firm in the world. Dell Technologies has an annual revenue of about $90 billion.

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