Mike Tyson Illness: What Was Tyson’s Weakness?

Mike Tyson’s recent wheelchair exit from Miami International Airport stunned his legion of adoring followers. Subsequently, Tyson’s legion of admirers learned that he had been afflicted with sciatica. The former heavyweight world champion has been ill before. Mike Tyson postponed his fight with Clifford Etienne in 2003, claiming he was ill with the flu after his shocking loss to Lennox Lewis.

Tyson, then 36 years old, got that famous face tattoo just before this fight was cancelled. On February 22, 2003, however, the fight ultimately went place, and Tyson won via knockout in the first round. At first, Tyson acted like a windshield wiper by stretching his arms out to the side. Then, with the two fighters in the centre of the ring, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” jabbed at them.

At one point, Etienne threw his full weight around a corner of the ring and landed on Tyson. They stood up after the referee, and Tyson moved in closer. The fight appeared to be over due to Tyson’s aggression and intensity. At 2:17, Tyson went for a left hook to Etienne’s head.

Etienne tried to duck but swerved in the wrong direction. Because of this, Tyson was able to land a straight hook on Etienne’s exposed chin. Etienne fainted to the ground, and Tyson woke him up.

Mike Tyson lost a rematch with Lennox Lewis following the postponement with Etienne

Tyson would have gotten a rematch with Lewis, whom he lost if the fight with Etienne had gone ahead on the scheduled date. Sadly, due to the postponement with Etienne, he will not be able to fight Lennox Lewis in June and avenge his previous loss to him. Moreover, Tyson didn’t like his new wallet.

Mike Tyson Illness
Mike Tyson Illness

Tyson was only promised $5 million to face Etienne, less than a fourth of what he made for his bout against Lennox Lewis in June of 2003. Anyhow, Tyson prevailed and continued to fight twice more before finally ending their career.

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