Milabu Net Worth: How Much Did She Make From Youtube?

American YouTube personality Milan Burykin, as Milabu, is an expert in all things style, makeup, and hair care. She became well-known thanks to her Milabu channel. There are 1.43 million viewers of the station as of January 2021. In addition, her 480 videos have amassed over 143 million views.

Using her YouTube channel, Milabu instructs her audience on how to improve their appearance in terms of skincare, hair care, and clothing. Also, she has a significant online following because of her influencer status in the realm of social media. To give you an idea of her popularity, she has 811,099 followers on Instagram.

Milabu is not only an artist but also a businesswoman that sells her wares under the domain name Read the in-depth profile article we wrote on her here.

What is the Net Worth of Milabu?

It’s common knowledge that successful YouTubers make a fortune every year. A popular YouTuber might earn tens of millions of dollars annually from their channel. Milan hasn’t been left behind. Thanks to her channel, she is making enormous income every year.

Using Milan Burykin as an example, it is estimated that he has a net worth of $1 million. Earnings from YouTube are the biggest contributor to her financial well-being. With 135k views per day, she may easily generate $10k – $160k per year from her videos.

Burykin’s income comes not just from YouTube, but also from Instagram, where he has made thousands. This is because of the 811k people that follow her on Instagram and the 5% average engagement rate with those people. This means that the cost of a sponsored post from her is between $2,000 and $3,000. With a million followers, she will see a significant rise in profits, potentially reaching over $10,000 for every post.

Milan also has an online store, accessible at Her assortment includes custom-made hoodies, hair accessories, and T-shirts. Costs start at $10 and go up to $100. Most new releases quickly sell out, so it’s safe to say the business is doing well.

Milabu Net Worth

Milabu Biography

On May 29, 1992, in Minsk, Belarus, Milabu entered the world. In January 2021, when this piece was written, she will have become 28 years old. Milabu and her family emigrated to the United States at some time in her childhood. Her upbringing would take place in rural New York. Her family was wealthy and successful. Milabu was spared the hardships of a difficult upbringing.

At Petersberg College, Milan majored in business. Next, Milabu decided to pursue a career in the YouTube industry. Her YouTube channel dedicated to cosmetics, aptly titled Milabu, went up in August 2013. Following that, she started focusing on providing makeup and hairstyling advice. She has only recently begun uploading vlogs on fashion and lifestyle.

Her channel became popular very quickly and has since gained and lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The number of Milabu channel subscribers is already at an astonishing 1.43 million. As a result, she has gained a massive following and is considered a major influencer in the YouTube beauty community.

Based on her popularity on YouTube, Milabu has launched a flourishing second career as a social media influencer. Her Instagram following is rapidly approaching 1 million. She has also put time and money into creating products to offer her legion of supporters.

The Early Life Of Milabu

Milana Burykin was born on May 29, 1992, in Minsk, Belarus under that name. She eventually made her way to Upstate New York, where she spent most of her formative years. At SPC, her major was marketing. This beauty vlogger is from the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg area in Florida.

Who is the Husband of Milabu?

Any would-be suitors who are wondering if Milabu is still available, she is taken. There’s a movie in her romance. Andrey Burykin, a mutual friend of hers, was supposed to introduce them.

Andrey and Milan developed romantic feelings for each other out of the blue. Soon enough, sparks flew and they were officially a couple. They tied the knot in 2012 after years of dating. It’s been seven years since their wedding, and they’re still going strong as a couple.

Andrey, her Russian husband, also makes videos for the platform. He and Milan document their travels in vlog form on their own YouTube channel. At present, the happy couple can be found in Florida, United States, where they are doing a wonderful job of raising their little angel. The cute Emorett Burykin was born to the happy couple on June 1st, 2020.

Both Milan and her husband consider their adorable son to be a miracle. This is because the couple experienced a miscarriage in early 2019. They were devastated by what happened, but are overjoyed to have a new child. His mother, Burykin, has called him “their rainbow baby.”

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