Missing Mother of Two Discovered Dead, Ex-husband Suspected

Missing Mother of Two Discovered Dead: A week ago, Rachel Castillo vanished into thin air. Upon returning to their shared residence, Rachel Castillo’s sister saw a chaotic bloody scene, at which point she reported her missing, family members alleged.

Mother of Two Who Had Been Missing for Weeks Is Found Dead

Rachel Castillo, a mother of two children who had been reported missing for the last week, was located and pronounced dead, according to the authorities in Simi Valley, California. Castillo was found in a location where she had been left after she had been reported missing.

According to a statement that was issued by the Simi Valley Police Department, the body of Castillo was found on Sunday, and it was situated in a more rural area of Antelope Valley.

Zarbab Ali, a resident of Hawthorne who is 25 years old, has been recognized by the authorities as the key suspect in the crime. Zarbab Ali was Castillo’s husband before they divorced. According to a press statement that was sent by the Simi Valley police department on Sunday, he was taken into custody at the residence in Victorville where he was residing with his parents.

According to the authorities, “this probe has swiftly extended over the past several days.” [Citation needed] “Owing to the fact that this investigation is still ongoing, we are unable to provide all relevant material due to the fact that legal and investigative issues are involved; we apologize in advance for any trouble this may create.

In the event that there are any further developments, the Simi Valley Police Department will keep the community updated with the latest information.”

Missing Mother of Two Discovered Dead
A report that was filed by the authorities earlier on Sunday stated that there was “a significant amount of blood” close to the place where Castillo was last seen. This report was made.

“After conducting a more exhaustive investigation, it was determined that considerable volumes of blood were located all around the house. At this moment, there is no trace of Rachel and her whereabouts are completely unknown. It is highly probable that Rachel’s health is in peril given the current condition of events; this puts the probability in the affirmative.”

The Simi Valley Police Department had earlier published a statement in which they made mention of this situation, and that statement is where we first heard about it.

According to Castillo’s relatives, who were interviewed by KABC, an ABC station, Castillo, who is 25 years old, is already the mother of two children. Castillo and her sister both call the home they share, which is located in a neighborhood where their parents can easily be reached on foot.

Several members of her family have verified to KABC that she ran away early Thursday morning after entrusting her children’s father with their care. This information was provided to the station by KABC.

Emily Castillo, her sister, was interviewed by the neighborhood newspaper and was cited as stating, “As soon as I saw the blood, I understood that something was not right.” On Thursday evening, she climbed back into her car and resumed her drive in the general direction of her residence. After making the call to 9-1-1, I immediately phoned the number of my mother so that I could beg her to come over.

It was rumored that members of her family found her phone, keys, and car when exploring the premises of the home.

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