Missouri Woman Kidnapped Arkansas Woman to Claim the Unborn Baby

Missouri Woman Kidnapped Arkansas Woman: Amber Waterman allegedly abducted Ashley Bush between the dates of October 31 and November 2 to take custody of her unborn child, as stated in the federal criminal complaint.

The Whole Statement About the Missouri Woman Kidnapped Arkansas Woman

Ashley Bush, who was 33 years old and carrying a baby who was 31 weeks old at the time of the incident, was allegedly murdered by a man and a woman from Pineville, Missouri, who have both been accused of participating in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Ashley Bush in a federal court. Both of the accused are from Pineville.

Both Amber Waterman and her husband Jamie Waterman were identified as defendants in their criminal cases, each facing their own set of allegations.

According to the allegations, Amber Waterman kidnapped Bush between the dates of October 31 and November 2 to stake her claim to the unborn child that Bush was carrying at the time. This is indicated in the criminal complaint that was submitted to the federal government.

It is said that she was the one that drove Bush from Maysville, Arkansas, to Pineville, which is where she ultimately passed away.

Jamie Waterman is accused of being an accessory after the fact of a homicide that occurred as a result of an ensuing kidnapping. The incident culminated in the victim’s death.

According to an affidavit that was filed in support of the federal criminal claims against Amber Waterman, it is said that she used the identity “Lucy” online to meet George W. Bush. This information was provided in support of the allegations.

After that, she used a ruse to get her to meet up with her so that she could take her to a job interview, but instead, Amber wound up being the one who ended up taking Bush’s life.

Missouri woman kidnapped Arkansas woman

On October 31, it was reported that Bush had vanished without a trace after her boyfriend stated that he had last seen her traveling in a pickup truck with a lady whose name was “Lucy.”

Amber Waterman allegedly told the police on October 31 that she had gone into labor earlier that day and delivered a stillborn baby. This information was provided to the police on October 31.

The Watermans informed the investigators on November 1 that their daughter Amber had a miscarriage and that they had revealed this information to them.

After that, the detectives found blood markings on the interior of a truck that matched the description given by Bush’s girlfriend of the marks that were on the outside of the truck. As a result of this, they concluded that the vehicle had been the location of the crime.

On November 2, it was reported that Amber Waterman led her husband to the body of former President George H.W. Bush, who was discovered face down next to a boat close to their home in Pineville. It is believed that Amber Waterman led her husband to the body.

The two people are then believed to have taken the corpse to the rear of the house, where it was allegedly burned, and then they allegedly drove a short distance to cover their tracks after the incident.

After directing the agents and detectives to the area where the corpse had been relocated, Jamie Waterman then led them to the spot where a charred human body was recovered.

An evidence response team from the FBI reported that they found bone fragments and a charred human hand in a fire pile that was located behind the property. The fire pile was located at the back of the property.

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