Mother’s Plea for Action After Student Brings AR-15 on Campus

After a youngster brought an AR-15 and ammo to her daughter’s school, Bostrom Alternative High School, a mother is pleading with schools to take additional action.

It will be challenging for Dyna Boutchee to feel secure about sending her teen to that school knowing that it has just become another statistic.

She told, “Schools are just dangerous now.”

The incident, according to Boutchee, has deeply affected both her and her 16-year-old daughter.

She is terrified to attend school. She is not interested in attending school.

After a student was detained by police at Bostrom High School on Friday, they are now investigating other forms of education.

The pupil allegedly carried an AR-15 to class with them and had ammo in their lunchbox and backpack.

“She knew the child. They were in her last class. Her last period. She says there’s a lot of mental health issues with that student as well. And she’s told me that he’s brought weapons to school before. And that he’s bullied,” added Boutchee.

The school and Phoenix Union High School District have not corroborated those allegations, but according to Boutchee, the school is aware of these problems.

“They kept letting the child back in. Thus, it’s neither surprising nor novel, she continued.

ABC15 Arizona confirms this news on its official Twitter account:

The fact that Boutchee’s daughter missed that day of school was purely accidental, although

She had the option, and I was urging her to leave. It’s quite dangerous,” she added, adding that pupils shouldn’t worry about making it home safely from school.

She ought to be concerned about her homework, but sadly, she isn’t, according to Boutchee.

Arizona Schools Under Fire After String of Weapon Incidents

There have been at least 18 documented instances of students bringing weapons into Arizona schools this academic year.

In contrast, there were just four students just last year and six in the final academic year before the pandemic, 2018-2019.

According to Boutchee, they “need law enforcement or maybe metal detectors.”

Phoenix Union High School District, which includes Bostrom High, has been debating whether or not to reinstate school resource officers (SROs) on its campuses.

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Following conversations with parents, kids, and employees over a seven-month period, the district’s safety committee recommended that the district reinstate SROs in March.

At a meeting earlier this month, the district’s board members eventually decided to reject the recommendation. Regardless of the committee’s advice, the decision gives the board the freedom to pursue its own options.

Boutchee continued, “I think they need to put more into that.

According to authorities, the student who brought the pistol will be charged with “a number of serious” felonies.

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