Nancy Pelosi Recounts How She Learned Her Husband Was Attacked

Nancy Pelosi Recounts: Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she was “extremely afraid” when Capitol Police knocked on her door to notify her about her husband’s attack.

Pelosi revealed in her first interview since the attack that she was sleeping in Washington, DC, after arriving from San Francisco the night before. She told Cooper, who questioned where she was when she heard the news, “They must be at the wrong apartment.” Pelosi said the doorbell rang again and she heard “bang, bang, bang, bang, bang”

Pelosi: “I ran to the door, afraid.” “Capitol Police say, ‘We need to talk to you.'”

Pelosi immediately thought about her children and grandchildren.

“I’m thinking about my kids and grandkids. Paul wasn’t out and about, so I didn’t think it would be him. They entered. We didn’t know where he was,” she stated. The attack on Paul Pelosi has aroused new concerns about political violence fuelled by party enmity and hostile rhetoric and underlined the vulnerability of lawmakers and their families in the present political atmosphere.

Nancy Pelosi highlighted her husband’s condition after the attack in an interview. Pelosi noted that she appeared to have been the attack’s objective. “This is the hardest part because Paul wasn’t the objective,” she said. He wasn’t looking for Paul, she said.

Pelosi cried during the interview. She said, “I’ve come near to tears a few times.” Authorities say a man struck Paul Pelosi with a hammer at his San Francisco home last month. According to court documents, the attacker sought the House speaker.

David DePape is accused of attempted murder, burglary, assault, false imprisonment, and threatening a public official’s family. All state charges were dropped.

Paul Pelosi had surgery to treat a skull fracture and major arm and hand injuries, Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman stated. Last week, he was discharged.

Pelosi Gives an Update on the Health of Her Husband and His Rehabilitation

Pelosi said her husband is “doing okay,” but that he has a “hard trip” ahead of him. He is aware of the need to take things slowly. She remarked, “He’s such a gentleman that he isn’t complaining.” The surgeon’s work “was a success, but it’s only one element of the rehabilitation to a significant head injury,” the woman said of her husband.

She paused to consider the path ahead and concluded, “It takes time.” After her husband suffered a head injury, Pelosi recalled, “we were told it had not punctured his brain, which may be devastating.” After the incident, Pelosi’s husband was concerned about the emotional impact on their children and grandchildren, and now his own family is concerned about him.

Nancy Pelosi Recounts
Nancy Pelosi Recounts

We’re worried about the impact on him as much as he is worried about the impact on our kids and grandkids, she said. When asked if she had discussed what her husband may have been thinking during the attack, Pelosi replied, “We haven’t quite had that conversation because any revisiting of it is incredibly upsetting.”

Pelosi answered, “I don’t think so,” when asked if she wanted to listen to the 911 call her husband made. It’s possible I won’t have to do that. To be honest, I have no idea. That’s a legal question. But, she continued, “Paul saved his own life with that call.”

Pelosi is Not Happy With How Certain Republicans Have Responded to the Attack

Pelosi criticized some Republicans’ attack responses. “To make a joke of it is traumatizing too,” she remarked. “In our democracy, one party doubts the election’s conclusion, fuels violence, and mocks it. Pelosi: “Stop it.”

Pelosi later mentioned the 6 January 2021 Capitol attack. “Republicans need to stop the lies,” she stated. “That’s a source of what happened on January 6, its denial, and what’s occurring to me now.” Bipartisan denunciation of the attack has been met with inquiry and criticism from prominent Republicans.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake argues she did not make light of the brutal incident after she was criticized for joking about it at a campaign event. Lake stated during the occasion, “Protecting our kids at school is not impossible.” They’re straightforward. Nancy Pelosi has protection in DC, but not at home. Audience and moderator laugh.

Pelosi Claims Her Husband’s Attack Will Affect Her Post-midterm Political Career

Pelosi said the attack on her husband will affect her political future after the midterms. Pelosi, one of the most prominent characters in national Democratic politics, is a respected leader of House Democrats. Washington speculates about Pelosi’s next step and whether she’ll retire if Republicans win the majority.

During Monday’s interview, Cooper asked Pelosi if she had decided if she would retire if Democrats lost the House. The speaker added the “choice will be affected by the last week or two,” prompting Cooper to query, “Will the attack alter your decision?”

”Pelosi agreed.



Pelosi repeated “yes”

Pelosi ‘optimistic’ About Midterms, but Democracy at Risk

Pelosi has stated that she is “optimistic” about the upcoming midterm elections on Tuesday, in which control of Congress will be at stake. However, many in Washington believe that the Republicans will retake the House.

I’ve always been an advocate for “owning the ground” and “getting out the vote,” and I think we’re finally in that position. Some of the races are really tight, and they might go anyway,” she remarked. However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi expressed concern that democracy is in jeopardy, saying that “our democracy is on the ballot” in the upcoming midterm elections.

“I do believe that our democracy is in peril because of what the others are saying about sabotaging our elections,” Pelosi said.

On Monday, the report was revised to reflect new information.

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