National Alliance on Mental Illness: What is the Purpose of National Alliance on Mental Illness?

On Saturday afternoon, people in Lanesboro, Minnesota, walked to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The group, which is also called NAMI, is the largest grassroots mental health organisation in the United States. It works to raise awareness about mental health and help people who are struggling.

On Saturday, people who took part in the NAMI Walk walked one mile and gave money to help a good cause.

Many family members and friends talked about their loved ones with mental illnesses and gave tips on how the community can help.


Evan Hansen, who was at the event, said, “I think we need to start slowly. I think we need to lead with kindness and grace, act with compassion, and treat each other with kindness.” “I think now more than ever that everyone in the world is going through a hard time, and I think we all need to take a deep breath and be kind to each other.”

Hansen, who is from Rochester, took part in the event. He has worked with NAMI for several years.

For Hansen, the issue is personal.

Hansen decided to do something about the problem after three of his friends died by suicide. He used a canoe to ask people, even strangers, to add the names of people they had lost to suicide. Hansen carried the canoe 313 miles over 35 days in 2021, collecting 660 names along the way.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Alliance on Mental Illness

“I hoped that what I did would help people feel loved, not alone, and not like they were a burden,” Hansen said.

“I hoped that if someone saw a stranger carrying this for them, they would fully understand that and also realise that someone carrying a canoe for 300 miles is what a burden looks like, not what someone sees in the mirror.”

The canoe is now a moving memorial.

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