Neil Cavuto Illness: They Said I Had Covid Again

Once again hospitalized with the COVID-19 virus, Fox News‘ Neil Cavuto credits the vaccine for saving his life.

Your World with Neil Cavuto’s 63-year-old host returned to the airwaves on Monday for the first time in weeks after overcoming his illness with COVID-19.

With multiple sclerosis, a heart bypass in 2016, and stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in remission, Cavuto has a “highly impaired immune system,” despite being completely vaccinated and having tested positive for the virus in October.

“Unfortunately, I contracted COVID once more, this time a far deadlier strain known medically as COVID pneumonia.

I had to spend some time in the intensive care unit because of that, and my life was in grave danger “he said to the audience “Those of you who have sought to end my suffering almost succeeded! Sorry to break your heart!”

Due to the seriousness of his potential disease from contracting COVID-19, Cavuto spent much of 2020 transmitting his show from his home. He told PEOPLE at the time that he had to be at Fox News headquarters on election night because it was “too vital to do otherwise.”

But the whole team did their best to help him get through the day by testing him, taking his temperature, and keeping him isolated from the public.

Since he is “at target” for anything that “may conceivably make you exposed to COVID-19,” he is taking “a little extra precaution” in this matter, he told PEOPLE.

“Frankly, you have no idea. This doesn’t strike me as being cocky or rude.” Visit our website, for additional news and updates of interest.

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