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Japan excels in creating endearing fictional personas. This is an established, largely undeniable fact.

One of the most common ways they achieve this is by giving their characters animal traits like ears, tails, mannerisms, and even the occasional “fang of mischief” to make them even cuter.

This has become such a common trend that some anime put “kemonomimi” front and centre as pretty much the whole point of the series. Here are 10 examples of exactly that.

Asobi ni Iku yo!

Men have a tough time approaching women in Japan. Anxiety in social situations is quite genuine. Hence, we get shows like Asobi ni Iku yo! in which naked cat females randomly drop from the sky into the arms of regular high school students.

Given Japan’s dwindling birthrate, the inference seems to be that this is the only practical method for them to meet women.

Eris is an alien cat girl whose job it is to learn about Earth and its people so that she can report back to her home planet. Consequently, she begins living with the first available male as several shadowy groups try to kidnap her for… motives.

The series’ English title is “Cat Planet Cuties,” which is in no way a literal translation, so it’s clear the show’s main message is “look at this lovely cat girl.”

Dog Days

Perhaps you’d enjoy watching cats and dogs duke it out instead. There are no actual animals involved; rather, there are dog girls and cat girls. As an alternative to conventional warfare, these contests take the form of sports festivals.

Let’s be honest: Dog Days is adorable, and that’s about it. The story and dialogue are ridiculous, but the character art is great and the more humour is spot on. If you don’t mind that, then this will be a lot of fun.


The Inukami are the Japanese dog gods or dog spirits. Although they often get into mischief, they may be loyal to people much like dogs.

That’s the theory, however, as we’re dealing with an odd couple in Keita Kawahira, a talentless inukami trainer, and Youko, a wild inukami that no one has yet been able to tame.

Keita chases skirts and money, and Youko, who has contracted with him, gets pissed off and blows him up often.

That’s because it’s a feel-good romantic comedy. Here, you know what to expect.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

The definition of a “cat girl” can be quite malleable at times. In some cases, the resemblance to cats is striking, right down to the floppy ears, long tails, and whiskers.

In other cases, they appear to be regular teenage girls with a hairstyle and demeanour that are more indicative of cats than of humans. The enigmatic Nozomi Kiriya, who looks like a cat, is adopted by the proprietor of a local cake shop in the anime Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Takumi Tsuzuki runs a cake shop and has relationships with Nozomi, the richest and oddest girl at school, and his older sister, who isn’t related to him by blood.

The show quickly becomes a harem, but Nozomi is the main star as the other characters try to figure out who she is and why she behaves like a cat.

Wolf’s Rain

Wolf’s Rain is awesome since the protagonists are wolves. What I mean is that they are just wolves that have figured out how to dress and act like humans.

However, these are not adorable wolf people with ears; they are human. They’d rather stay hidden than have their lovely ears wiggled for the camera by a human population that actively seeks them out out of fear and hunting. Nonetheless, it’s simple to discern which human personality goes with which wolf simply by observing their hair colour, facial expression, body type, etc. This is a work of art in terms of creating memorable characters.

Neko Anime Shows
Neko Anime Shows

The Wolf’s Rain series is quite ancient, and it is hardly a feel-good read. It is nighttime, the weather is dreary, and moods are low. But it has grace and an artistic vision that are rare in today’s anime. The fact that the series features original music composed by Yoko Kanno, one of the most accomplished composers working today, is motivation enough to check it out.


Don’t worry if you don’t see your favourite animal shown as a kemonomimi yet. Animals are as diverse as birds, foxes, tigers, and more engage in a war of attrition in Utawarerumono. One of the series’ best features is its attention to authentic warfare strategy.

Hakuoro, afflicted with the stereotypical “protagonist’s amnesia,” is smack dab in the centre of it all as he attempts to make his way through the battlefields and political intrigues of this planet.

Wolf Children

Hana had no idea her true love was a werewolf. By the time she found out, she was already hopelessly in love with him regardless of his identity. They had two children together, both of which are half-wolf, and the father of those children tragically died not long after their birth.

Hana is now a single parent, and she’s stuck between two worlds as she tries to raise her two children.

Although Wolf Offspring is mostly about Hana’s efforts to help her children succeed in the human world, it is also a narrative about the children’s maturation and the challenges they face as they try to find their place in the world.

Strike Witches

Compared to Wolf Children, Strike Witches is far less reflective. It’s set during World War II, but in a parallel timeline in which aliens have conquered Earth.

It would appear that the only viable option for repelling the invasion is to equip cat girls with leg-mounted jetpacks and send them swooping into battle. This would have improved WWII for everyone, especially Japan, looking back on it now.

Neko Anime Shows
Neko Anime Shows


Loveless proves that cat ears and kemonomimi characters aren’t just objects of (straight) male sexual desire.

Everyone is born with ears and a tail like a cat because that’s how it is in this universe. They keep it up until they reach sexual maturity. Therefore, the ears and tail of a cat now represent naiveté and virtue.

Ritsuka Aoyagi, who is 12 years old and so should still have his ears and tail, is grieving the loss of his brother without knowing what led to his untimely demise. Strangely, a man named Agatsuma Soubi shows up and claims to have been his brother’s “fighting pair” companion. Agatsuma, who has lost his brother, has sworn to look out for Ritsuka.

They work together to investigate what happened to Ritsuka’s brother. along with developing a deeper, more intimate relationship with one another.

Spice & Wolf

Holo, the wolf goddess, is on the road with a spice merchant. We can move on from the title summary at this point.

To my knowledge, Spice and Wolf is the only anime whose primary focus is on economics. A little mystery and excitement can be found in a few places. The story’s meat, meanwhile, is how Lawrence, a nomadic merchant, and Holo, a man with an extraordinary knack for reading people’s intentions, work together to successfully negotiate trade and increase their earnings.

Of course, that’s not the end of the narrative. The two characters get closer to one another throughout the series, and their goals change dramatically throughout the story. A story of business and trade management is always brought to the forefront whenever these shifts are discussed.

Spice and Wolf are unlike any other anime duo, and Holo is a household name among kemonomimi fans everywhere.

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