Nier Joins Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising as Playable Character

Nier will be a playable character in the Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising fighting game, according to Cygames, who made the announcement on Sunday during a Granblue Fantasy panel at Anime Expo.

Pre-access beta testing for the game’s previously postponed online beta for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will begin on July 27, and the general open beta testing will take place on July 29 and 30. On July 6, registration will start.

This year, the video game Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising will be available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The game will support crossplay across the three platforms and rollback netcode. The beta test for PS5 and PS4 was first announced by the game in March.

Grand Bruise Legends, a battle royale mode, and a brand-new “Ultimate Skills” mechanic—which Cygames defines as “an even more powerful version of Plus Skills”—are both included in the game.

The game will also feature new Triple Attack and Dash Attack mechanics. In addition to new characters and stages, additional story material, improved graphics, and an online lobby, the game will have all 24 playable characters from the last fighting game. Anila and Siegfried are brand-new figures.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus, a fighting game, was released by Arc System Works and Cygames in Japan in February 2020 and in North America in March 2020. In March 2020, Marvelous Europe launched the game in Europe and Australia. In March 2020, the game also became available for PC.

The first Granblue Fantasy mobile game was released by Cygames in 2014.

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