The Illness of Kv Students Was Not Caused by Toxic Gases!

No poisonous gases or chemicals, according to District Collector Krithika Shukla of the Kendriya Vidyalaya at Valasapakala, were the cause of pupils’ shortness of breath or other illnesses. A committee has been established to look into the event in which 18 Kendriya Vidyalaya pupils passed out due to a breathing issue, per the instructions of the Collector and Chairperson of the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Krithika Shukla.

The committee, which was made up of the principal of the Vidyalaya, staff members, the deputy chief inspector of factories, the pollution control board, and the environmental engineer, conducted a complete investigation. Additionally, it checked, confirmed, and looked at the classrooms where the kids passed out. For a complete investigation, the committee gathered samples of water, sand, and other materials. These samples were then sent to the labs for testing.

The committee members inquired as to where the principal and the faculty members were when the incident took place. The committee was given a thorough explanation by the KV personnel. The committee spoke with the impacted pupils while they were receiving treatment at the GGH. The pupils claimed they did not know why they were experiencing dyspnea and losing consciousness very away. The committee questioned the doctors about the students’ potential recovery date and current health state.

Meanwhile, several parents said that the smell of strong chemicals permeated the rooms, causing youngsters to have breathing problems and pass out as a result. The committee conducted a comprehensive investigation into the incident, took samples of the water and other substances, and sent them to labs for testing, according to KV Principal Bonta Sekhar, who spoke to “The Hans India.”

No Toxic Gases Behind Kv Students Falling Sick

The principal refuted their claims, claiming that he had never approved of the heavy usage of chemical odours in the rooms. According to district collector Krithika Shukla, the committee verified that no industries had discharged any harmful gases, and the authorities had also examined air pollution.

She said that the occurrence was not caused by any harmful food. She claimed that after receiving reports from the labs where the pupils’ blood samples were submitted, they could draw their conclusions. She pleaded with people not to spread fabricated and false rumours about the incident. The parents and students thanked Collector Krithika Shukla for acting quickly and for the GGH’s special accommodations and treatment they received.

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