The United States Alleges That a Former Kansas Police Officer Assisted Men in Operating a Sex Trafficking Ring

Police Officer Assisted Men in Operating a Sex Trafficking Ring: A federal indictment claims that from 1996 through 1998, a group of individuals subjected women and children as young as 13 to acts of violence, abuse, and rape, as well as threats of death.

Conducting Business as a Sex Trafficking Ring, an Overview

The Justice Department on Monday charged a former Kansas police officer with assisting three other men in running a violent sex trafficking network that targeted teenage girls in the 1990s.

The U.S. attorney for the District of Kansas has filed charges against a group of men, including a 69-year-old former police officer named Roger Golubski, for conspiring to hold young women in involuntary servitude and for coercing a woman to provide sexual services to adult males, including themselves.

This indictment was submitted to U.S. Authorities in Kansas City, Kansas, which said Mr. Golubski’s protection and encouragement of alleged criminals Cecil Brooks, LeMark Roberson, and Richard Robinson over many years allowed them to detain a woman in involuntary servitude and force her to perform sexual acts for Mr. Roberson.

According to Mr. Joseph, both Mr. Brooks and Mr. Roberson have been held in custody outside of the state and have not yet been in court.

Attorney Justin Johnston, who was contacted for comment on Monday night, did not respond.

Activist and longtime critic of the Kansas City Police Department, Lucas Behrens, said by phone Monday night that the additional charges gave them validity. Behrens is a community organizer with the local civil rights organization MORE2.

Eventually, in 2010, he was able to retire from the police force as a captain. A victim kidnapping charge was brought against the accused, the prosecution said. According to the indictment, Mr. Brooks “paid off law enforcement” to have advance notice before police “struck” his home. Attempts to reach the Kansas City Police Department on Monday evening went unreturned.

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_Police Officer Assisted Men in Operating a Sex Trafficking Ring
A prosecutor has stated that Mr. Brooks used one flat as an office, where he kept weapons, drugs, money, and meetings.

Officer Mr. Golubski “primarily chose young Black ladies, ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old to submit to sex and to provide sexual services to him,” the indictment reads.

An “office unit” where Mr. Brooks could lock females from the outside, a “relaxed” area where girls drank to drink and drugs, and a “working home” where they were compelled to give sexual services to adult males are all described in the indictment against Delevan.

The records show that the adolescent left the complex in October 1997 after experiencing significant stomach pain and vaginal bleeding due to an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy develops when a fertilized egg implants in the wrong area of a woman’s body.

The indictment states that when Mr. Roberson refused to let her go to the hospital, he impregnated her. . To avoid being beaten, the indictment claims she provided sexual services to males for four months. She was allegedly threatened with murder and sexual assault before she ran away, according to the prosecution.

Mr. Behrens, a community activist with MORE2, argued the indictment proved the Police Department was corrupt.

A victim of Mr. Golubski’s alleged September assaults, Ophelia Williams, expressed sadness over the Police Department’s actions but joy that “everybody will receive some justice for what they did to us” when they spoke by phone on Monday night.

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