Orlando Activists Stage ‘Walkout 2 Learn’ in Protest of New Florida Legislation

On Friday, protesters gathered in front of Orlando City Hall to voice their opposition to recent legislation passed by Florida lawmakers, including an expansion to the Parental Rights in Education statute, also known as “Don’t Say Gay” by its detractors.

opponents of Florida On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis participated in protests and school walkouts. While demonstrating against the legislation the governor has shown support for, activists said they are determined for him to hear their message.

Another contentious piece of legislation was SB-1438, often known as the Protection of Children Act, which forbade kids from witnessing sexually explicit “adult live performances.”

Critics claim that it could potentially affect drag and Pride-related events, but supporters claim that it stops youngsters from being exposed to obscene material.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Transgender woman Andrea Montanez participated in a demonstration in front of Orlando City Hall. The transgender community in Florida may experience more violence as a result of the vehement debate taking place in Tallahassee, according to Montanez.

“It’s coming, there’s a lot of danger,” Montanez remarked.

Participants in the “Walkout 2 Learn” movement left schools across Florida on Friday to express their symbolic opposition to numerous new laws restricting instruction on subjects like gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Parental Rights in Education Act was expanded to include grades K–12 by a state board, with proponents arguing that they aren’t appropriate subjects for children to learn in public schools.

According to the expansion’s detractors, it restricts the range of disciplines that students can study.

If not for a UCF woman’s gender study class, I never would have learned about my history of the women’s rights struggle. who assisted me in learning about my ancestors’ past, giving me the confidence to move forward,” said Democratic state representative Anna Eskamani of Florida.

Florida kids are protected by the laws, according to Governor Ron DeSantis.

“The woke represents a war on truth, and because it’s a war on truth, we must represent, we must engage in a war on woke,” Desantis added.

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