O’rourke Run for Governor of Texas Has Been Delayed Due to Illness

On Sunday, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Beto O’Rourke of Texas said that he has resumed his campaign after being treated for a bacterial illness in a San Antonio hospital. Why do people get sick from bacteria? Bacteria are single, highly specialized cells. It has the ability to live independently either inside or outside the body.

In general, microbes are harmless. In truth, we harbor a plethora of bacteria in and within our bodies, particularly in the digestive tract. To be sure, there are germs that can cause infections. Bacterial infections can manifest in a variety of body sites, including the pharynx, lungs, skin, and intestines. While many of them are rather moderate, some can be quite serious. Whooping cough, strep throat, ear infections, and UTIs are all caused by bacteria.

A bacterial infection has what symptoms, exactly? Bacterial infections manifest differently depending on the site of infection and the germs causing it. To identify a bacterial infection, you can look for the following symptoms: Symptoms of an infection include a high temperature, extreme weariness, the presence of a fever, and the development of swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, groyne, or elsewhere distressing feelings of nausea and vomiting The origins of bacterial infections are unknown.

When germs invade, multiply, and trigger an immune response, this is called an infection. Bacterial infections, such as bacterial pneumonia, can be contracted after germs enter the body through a cut or surgical wound, or through the airway. According to a statement sent by his campaign on Twitter on Sunday, O’Rourke went to Methodist Hospital in San Antonio on Friday after feeling poorly.

O’Rourke stated that his condition has improved after receiving intravenous antibiotic injections. Even though I’m feeling better, my physicians want me to rest at home in El Paso for a while, so he did just that. Sorry, I couldn’t make it, but I’ll be back on the road as soon as I can. O’Rourke is still well behind Republican Governor Greg Abbott in the polls ahead of Election Day on November 8.

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