Path of Exile 2 Release Date and How to Play The Game?

Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play hack-and-slash RPG Path of Exile is getting a major overhaul in the form of Path of Exile 2, which will have a brand-new campaign, ascendancy classes, and more. While the first game in the series continues to receive updates, the release date of the sequel has been a hot issue ever since it was announced.

Since its announcement, the following chapter has flown under the radar for quite some time, but as we enter 2023, it appears that we are quite near to finally getting our hands on the game. This article contains all of the information currently available about Path of Exile 2, such as the game’s release window, gameplay, story, and trailers.

Path of Exile 2 Release Date

There is currently no set timeline for the release of Path of Exile 2, however, a Beta is not expected to begin from GGG until at least very late in 2023. Meanwhile, the Path of Exile team has kept to its three-month schedule for releasing new content. Both Path of Exile 1 and Path of Exile 2 campaigns will have access to this material.

The new Exiles (playable characters) in Path of Exile 2 will have the same basic archetypes as their predecessors. There are 19 new Ascendancy Classes to choose from, each with unique abilities and mechanics that set them apart from the ones accessible in the original Path of Exile campaign.

PlayStation 2 Sequel to Path of Exile

Path of Exile 2 will be available on several systems, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This was confirmed by the developer Grinding Gear Games. When it comes to free-to-play games on the PlayStation 4, Path of Exile is among the best. Its sequel has the potential to be a launch title for the PlayStation 5.

Both the PlayStation 5 from Sony and the next Xbox from Microsoft, officially known as Project Scarlett, are expected to launch around the same time in 2023. We speculate that Path of Exile 2 will be one of the few games available for the next-gen platforms.

The Path of 2 Switched Defeat

The Path of 2 Switched Defeat

Path of Exile 2 appears to be headed for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X instead of the Nintendo Switch. Chris Wilson, the founder of Grinding Gear, stated at ExileCon in Auckland that the plan is to release Path of Exile 2 on current-gen and next-gen consoles.

“We will update Path of Exile into Path of Exile 2 on all the platforms it is currently on,” Wilson said. New consoles will be a focus as they become available, of course. Given our schedule, it’s likely that the new consoles will also be able to play [Path of Exile 2].

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Gameplay For the Path of Exile 2

In Path of Exile 2, players will embark on a whole new seven-act story campaign, but they will eventually reach the same endgame that centers on the Atlas of Worlds.

All of the downloadable material that Grinding Gear Games has added over the years is carried over to the sequel, and a new skill system is also included. Class archetypes will remain the same, but there will be 19 new Ascendancy classes from which to choose when customizing your character.

In Path of Exile 2, support gems can be directly socketed into skill gems, thereby making every skill gem a 6-link. Sockets on armor are therefore rendered obsolete. Users of auras will soon have the option to simultaneously cast numerous auras with a single click.

The gear system in Path of Exile 2 has been overhauled, and new resources have been added for players to gather and experiment with in the crafting system. The ability to shapeshift is also being added to the game, with the promise of a smooth mechanism that would allow players to do so even in the midst of an animation.

Players will explore new locations of Wraeclast and fight new enemies and bosses that, judging by the gameplay footage, appear to be heavily inspired by the more mechanically challenging confrontations of later expansions.

New character models and enhanced animations will also be added to the game’s visual overhaul. Microtransactions, meanwhile, will be transferable between the two games.

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