After Being Hospitalized for Six Days Following a Hammer Attack, Paul Pelosi Released

Paul Pelosi Released, After being attacked, Nancy Pelosi’s husband had successful surgery to repair his broken skull and other injuries.

Paul Pelosi Released From Hospital Six Days After a Hammer Attack

According to a statement provided by Nancy Pelosi’s office, Paul Pelosi, the husband of the House speaker, was released from a San Francisco area hospital on Thursday after being treated there following an incident last week in which he was hit over the head with a hammer.

Since the early hours of October 28th, when she was attacked, 82-year-old Pelosi has been hospitalized. According to the speaker’s office, he is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery last week to heal a skull fracture and “severe damage to his right arm and hands.”

A statement released on Thursday indicated that Paul Pelosi is at home and “remains under physicians’ care as he continues to improve on a protracted rehabilitation path.” The Pelosi family “appreciates the outpouring of love, support, and prayers from people all across the world,” the statement said.

The family also expressed their gratitude to the emergency responders and doctors and nurses at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

David Wayne DePape, 42, has been charged with attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, and assault with a dangerous weapon in connection with the attack on Paul Pelosi. According to court filings, DePape said officers he was on a “suicide mission” and had a list of state and federal lawmakers to target to stop the “lies” coming out of Washington.

DePape is not anticipated to show up to Friday’s hearing in his state case because, according to his public attorney, he forfeited his right to an appearance.

Paul Pelosi Released

Brooke Jenkins, the District Attorney of San Francisco, has stated that DePape entered the residence in the affluent Pacific Heights area looking for the House speaker. In a yell, he asked, “Where is Nancy? following the attack on the United States on January 6, 2021, rioters searching for the speaker chanted, “. Capitol.

Legislators have since had casual discussions about how much protection they and their families need after the tragedy. Pelosi is the de facto vice president of the United States. As reported by The Washington Post, despite the Capitol Police had put cameras surrounding Pelosi’s home over eight years ago, the officers in charge of watching the 1,800 cameras that scan the Capitol and beyond didn’t see the Pelosi residence until they observed the police responding to a call.

When Pelosi left San Francisco last week and went to Washington, many members of her security detail reportedly fled her home. It was determined that DePape smashed his way into the house. To charge his phone, authorities said Pelosi dialed 911 from a restroom.

The cops arrived to find the two grappling over the hammer. According to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott, officers urged both men to put down the hammer before DePape “quickly snatched the hammer away” and “violently struck” Pelosi with it.

What DePape said to detectives from the San Francisco Police Department, who videotaped their encounter with him, is detailed in a court document. Authorities said he told them he planned to break Pelosi’s kneecaps if she lied to him as a way to “teach other Members of Congress there were repercussions to acts” and that she was “the ‘head of the pack’ of falsehoods perpetrated by the Democratic Party.”

The news that Paul Pelosi had been released from the hospital was initially reported by CNN.

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