Pence’s Reckless Description of Trump’s Behavior on January 6th is an Escalation of His Condemnation

Pence’s Reckless Description of Trump’s Behavior: The former vice president expressed his displeasure to ABC in an interview, stating that he and his family were put in danger as a direct result of a tweet sent out by President Donald J. Trump during the attack on the Capitol.

Vice President Pence’s Dangerous Assessment of Trump’s Actions

Ex-Vice President Mike Pence called former President Donald Trump’s language during the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, “reckless” and stated that Trump’s actions “endangered” Pence family members and others who were trapped inside the building. Pence stated, “I mean, the president’s statements were irresponsible,” in footage of his interview with ABC’s “World News Tonight” that was released on Sunday. “It was obvious that he wanted to contribute to the issue.”

Pence was alluding to a tweet Trump sent out while the uprising was happening, criticizing Pence for refusing to reject the results of the 2020 election. Pence “didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done,” according to the tweet. Trump and his supporters had loudly called on Pence to undo the election results the previous days, despite the fact that the vice president had no authority to do so under the law.

Vice President Pence expressed his outrage to ABC reporter David Muir by tweeting about it. While my daughter watched, I told her, “It doesn’t require guts to break the law. It takes guts to do the right thing,'” he remarked. Furthermore, the ex-vice president said that neither Trump nor the White House attempted to contact him during the attack. Vice President Pence has remarked, “I never heard from the president or the White House that day.”

It appears that Pence’s statements to ABC are the most forceful he has made on Trump and the Capitol incident since tensions between the two men deteriorated in the last days of the Trump presidency. A number of people have brought up the idea of Pence running for president in 2024.

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Pence's Reckless Description of Trump's Behavior
On January 6, a pro-Trump crowd stormed the U.S. Capitol, bursting past security barriers and forcing politicians and staffers to lock themselves inside their offices out of fear for their lives; five people were killed in or as a result of the incident, and over 140 police officers were injured. House and Senate leaders, along with other members of Congress, were hurriedly evacuated by police.

Crowds converged on the Capitol in bizarre images that sent shockwaves around the United States and the rest of the world, with many shouting “Stop the theft!” in support of President Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud in the upcoming 2020 election. “Hang Mike Pence!” was another common cry.

According to a Washington Post investigation, the attack was preceded by a series of missteps that continued through and beyond January 6th, and Trump’s utterances on social media in the months leading up to the rebellion stoked resentment and political discontent. In December 2021, Trump tweeted, “Big demonstration in D.C. on January 6th.” You should definitely go because “it’s going to become crazy!”

According to the report, Trump was warned of the dangers directly on January 6 but waited 187 minutes before telling his followers to leave. The survey by The Post showed that both law enforcement personnel and first responders are coping with severe stress as a result of the incident.

During the chaos, Twitter suspended Trump and deleted three of his posts, alleging incitement to violence and spreading of false information about the election as the reasons. Similar actions were taken by Facebook. In the end, both firms made it such that Trump could never use their services again.

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