Pennsylvania Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Killing Mother, Photographing Body

A Pennsylvania man who murdered his mother and then took pictures of her body was given a plea agreement that resulted in a sentence of 20 years in jail. The majority of the man’s family was opposed to the arrangement.

Man Gets 20 Years in Prison for Killing His Mother in Pennsylvania

A guy from Pennsylvania who killed his mom and then posed with her body for photos was given a plea agreement that included a 20-year jail sentence, which was challenged by several members of his own family. In 2019, David Sumney, 33, was accused of torturing and killing his 67-year-old mother, Margaret. He had taken 277 images, including numerous selfies with blood all over his face and his mother’s body, to record the atrocity.

In August, Sumney negotiated a plea agreement in which he avoided being tried on first-degree murder and abuse of a body charges. Since he was arrested in 2019, he has a potential release date of 2034. “It’s inconceivable to me that I would allow myself to deteriorate to the point where I would commit such a terrible act. I still can’t believe I murdered my own mother “According to what Sumney testified at his Thursday court hearing in Allegheny County. “This is all I can think of. It’s something I dwell on constantly. I wish I could just say “sorry,” but it just won’t do. I was about as awful as it gets in these situations.”

“It’s difficult for my sisters and aunts to forgive me, and I know that. Honestly, I can’t forgive myself. I simply want them to know how sorry I am, “His words carried on. The defense team requested a sentence of seven years for Sumney since he “expressed regret” and blamed his drug and alcohol addiction for the murder. Meanwhile, Margaret’s loved ones advocated for a more severe punishment than what was handed down.

Mary Ellen, her older sister, has described Sumney as “nothing than a piece of garbage” and that she hopes he “receives the death penalty.” Ann Shade, Margaret’s other sister, begged the judge to “not give him a second opportunity.” If found guilty of the original charges, Sumney could have been sentenced to life in prison. His cousin Margo recalled the “metallic stench” she encountered while entering the blood-soaked house in 2019.

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Pennsylvania Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Killing Mother
She described him as “the very definition of wickedness.” No matter what happens, “we’ll never be at peace.” Two staffers from the Allegheny County Jail were put to the evidence by the defense; one of them testified that Sumney was a model inmate and held Bible studies for his fellow convicts. A physician was also taken to the stand to testify that Sumney’s mental ability was impaired by “very high dosages” of Adderall at the time of the murder.

It was stated that after the murder, Sumney looked up methods of corpse disposal online. Questions like “how long does it take before a corpse starts to decompose?” were among his many Google queries. , and “how long do you wait to dispose of a body?” The judge gave Sumney a prison term that can’t be less than 20 years and can’t be more than 40 years.

You shattered her back, Ellen said in court. “You made our mom unable to speak. After that, you keep beating her until she gives up. The walls were covered in blood. But the photographs are the sickest part, in my opinion. There are 277 images in total. Only if you wish to look at your past actions in retrospect do you take images.”

Meanwhile, in July 2019, Sumney will be facing criminal charges in Atlantic City, where his ex-girlfriend has accused him of waterboarding and strangling her in a hotel room.

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