Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered counties to put away outdated and incorrectly dated postal ballots

Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered: In a verdict that could affect thousands of votes in November’s midterm elections, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Tuesday that counties in the state separate and not count postal ballots with missing or inaccurate dates.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ordered Counties to Destroy Old Mail-in Votes

The California Supreme Court decided Tuesday that counties must segregate votes with missing or incorrect dates. The court deadlocked 3-3 over whether rejecting such ballots violates civil rights laws.

Three judges decided removing ballots due to a missing or incorrect date was improper. 3 opposed. Former Chief Justice Max Baer’s death opened the seventh spot.

“We compel Pennsylvania county boards of elections to separate and keep any undated or erroneously dated outer envelopes,” the court said in a terse ruling unaccompanied by opinions explaining the justices’ reasons. Later opinions were ordered. Scroll down to find accurate information about what “Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered”.

Ballots are split if votes are challenged. By keeping ballots separate, they can be added to vote counts in a federal case. Voting limits and requirements have been crucial to civil rights progress.

Dispute about updated ballots

The judgment granted Republicans a big triumph in a battle that began with Pennsylvania’s 2020 postal voting expansion. State statute dates mail-in ballots. Republican groups have asked county courts and the Supreme Court to reject updated votes.

Last year, Pennsylvania pushed counties to reject updated postal votes. This year, undated primary ballots were tallied after federal and state challenges. Read also: Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2022: How Much Is the Former NBA Champion Worth?  

In the latest case, Republicans wanted incorrectly dated votes erased. Court obliged. This helps Republicans by adding a new category of rejected ballots. The ruling didn’t define a “wrongly dated” ballot. Erroneously dated ballots are those returned before Election Day.

Counting or rejecting more mail-in ballots has political implications for Democrats. Tuesday’s ruling may invalidate thousands of ballots for Democratic Senate candidates John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro. Stay connected with this post for finding information regarding what Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered recently.

Pennsylvania’s Department of State and Gov. Tom Wolf is analyzing the order’s effects. Wolf spokesperson Beth Rementer said the decision reinforces the state’s advice that voters read all ballot instructions and double-check before submission.

GOP won.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered

“We appreciate the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reaffirming what we’ve always thought,” stated House Speaker Bryan Cutler (R., Lancaster) and House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R., Centre). Pennsylvania mandates dated mail-in and absentee ballots.

In recent years, it’s been difficult to count ballots without a date.

Each of the last four elections prompted battles over updated ballots, including a state Supreme Court decision in the 2020 general election, a threat to impeach Philadelphia elections officials for counting updated ballots in the 2021 primary, and state and federal lawsuits over Lehigh County’s treatment of undated ballots in the 2021 general election.

Court rulings prompted Democrats to consider counting updated ballots. Removing hundreds of qualified voters’ votes would be unjust, they claim. Republicans argue state election laws are clear and must be disregarded. Read also: Two New Jersey Cops Shot While Attempting to Make an Arrest

State Supreme Court ruled before. Three justices said updated ballots should be thrown in 2020, three thought they should count, and one concluded they should be rejected in the future but allowed that year. Four courts told the Pennsylvania Department of State last year to discard updated ballots. Courts rejected updated ballots.

2017 altered that.

After the May primary, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals held that the date on the ballot envelope was immaterial and that discarding ballots without it threatened to delete votes from voters who made a simple error. The court concluded that rejecting updated ballots violated federal civil rights legislation since ballots with the wrong date, such as a voter’s birth date, where permitted.

Judge Renée Cohn Jubelirer delivered similar rulings in state court last summer. She contended that postal ballots should be counted under state and federal law, saying the state Supreme Court in 2020 hadn’t completely recognized counties receiving votes with any date. Stay with us for the result Regarding What is Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ordered

The Supreme Court rejected the Third Circuit’s judgment this month, creating uncertainty before Election Day. Read also: Kevin Samuels Net Worth 2022: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Democrats argued that Cohn Jubelirer’s directives should still require counties to count updated votes. County compliance was expected. Republicans saw an opportunity. Democrats went to state court without an appeals court ruling. State and national Republicans pushed the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to act soon.

Updated ballots divided the state Supreme Court again.

Debra Todd, Christine Donohue, and David Wecht said discarding obsolete and erroneously dated ballots is illegal. Dissenting justices Kevin Dougherty and Sallie Updyke Mundy. This is all about what Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered recently.

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