Peter Frampton Will Perform His Final Shows Seated: “I Have Progressed in My Disease”

Peter Frampton has said that he will be playing his last shows in Europe while sitting down because of his health.

The guitar legend talked about his last tour in a new interview with Classic Rock magazine. He said, “Well, my legs aren’t good, so I’ve decided to sit down on these upcoming European tour dates.” I just can’t. That would be dangerous for me now because I get so excited when I play that I might fall over (laughs).”

“It’s starting to hurt my hands, but not enough yet, so I can still play a good lick,” says Frampton, who is quick to share his worries about going back onstage again.

“But, if I’m being honest, I’m worried about it. I haven’t played there in so long, and my illness has worsened. At Buddy Holly’s 85th birthday party, I sat down for the first time, and it felt very comfortable (laughs).

Peter Frampton

Frampton said, “Only two things: I would’ve waited to make an album after Comes Alive! and never put out I’m In You. Breaking All The Rules would have made a much better second album. And I wouldn’t have been in the movie Sgt. Pepper.”

Frampton stopped touring in 2019 after he discovered he had a degenerative muscle disease called Inclusion-Body Myositis, which will make it harder for him to play the guitar.

At the time, the guitarist told Rolling Stone, “We decided to do a farewell tour now because I don’t want to go out and play badly. I want to play well if I go on a farewell tour. I want to be awesome.”

Frampton had to cancel the 2020 concerts of his final tour of Europe and the UK because of the coronavirus pandemic—until now.

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