Phil Collins Illness: What Disease Does Phil Collins Have?

After a long struggle with illness, Phil Collins played his last concert with Genesis.

On Saturday night (26 March), the 71-year-old performed at London’s O2 Arena, telling audiences he has to find a real job now.

Rock fans were ecstatic to see the band reunite for their first tour since 2007 on their The Last Domino. tour last year, which featured pianist Tony Banks and guitarist-bassist Mike Rutherford.

Genesis had to cancel three London performances in 2021 due to Covid, but they still managed to play in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool.

Since Collins appeared weak and had to sing from a chair, his audience became concerned during the trip.

He has been sick for over a decade and is now a frail old man who uses a wheelchair and a walking stick.

What illness does Phil Collins have?

Since 2009, when he fractured vertebrae in his upper neck, Collins has dealt with a slew of health problems.

While on stage, he suffered an accident that severely damaged the nerves in his hands and prevented him from continuing in his profession.

He had surgery to fix his vertebrae, but the procedure left him with numb fingers and unable to play the drums without taping them together.

He was shortly rendered unable to continue his career-making drumming due to the injury.

Collins wrote at the time: “Somehow on the last Genesis tour I displaced some vertebrae in my top neck and that damaged my hands.” This was posted on the official Genesis website.

My neck surgery went well, but I still have trouble using my hands regularly.

Maybe in a year or two, I’ll be able to give it another shot, but right now I can’t play the drums or the piano.

Collins said in his autobiography published in 2016 that he had battled alcoholism after retiring and divorcing his third wife but claimed he had been sober for three years at the time of writing.

Phil Collins Illness
Phil Collins Illness

He had a diabetic abscess on his foot that grew infected the year prior, and he stated that he is a type 2 diabetic and had hyperbaric chamber treatment for it.

The musician had stitches for a deep cut near his eye after he fell in his hotel room in 2017 and struck his head on a chair.

Collins now wears orthopaedic shoes to compensate for a condition known as “foot drop” that he got after surgery on his back.

Now he had to use a cane to get around, and throughout his performances, he sat in a chair rather than stand.

Collins also has acute pancreatitis, a condition in which the pancreatic rapidly swells and becomes inflamed.

At a press conference in 2016, he described the symptoms as follows: “Within months, you’re drinking vodka straight out of the fridge first thing in the morning and passing out in front of the kids.

“But that was something I experienced, and I count myself fortunate to have survived it.

This is the closest I came to passing out.”

Will Phil Collins continue touring?

Collins has stated in the past that he expects this tour to be his last because of his ongoing health problems.

Despite the emotional nature of Saturday night’s final show at London’s O2, the performer was in good spirits.

He announced to the audience, “This is our final concert and the end of Genesis. After tonight, we’ll all have to go out and get “real jobs.”

She penned, “Tonite symbolises the end of an era,” for the photo’s caption. Seeing this final performance was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an experience I will never forget. Never-ending gratitude hardly does it justice.

It’s safe to say that the O2 audience didn’t want the show to finish and that they exited the stage feeling the same way.

Thank you, Dad, for being an inspiration, and Nic Collins, for making me the proudest sister in the world. Thank you, @genesis band, for the memories. Even after 50 years of music and many more generations have passed, the praise for you will continue.

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