Police Seek for the University of Virginia Shooter Who Killed 3 and Injured 2

Police Seek for the University of Virginia Shooter: Sunday evening at the University of Virginia, there was a gunshot that resulted in the campus being placed on lockdown. The police are still hunting for a suspect in this case.

The University of Virginia Shooter Is Still At Large, Police Say

Three people were killed and two more were injured when a lone shooter opened fire at the main campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on Sunday. The suspect, who has been determined to be a student at the university, has not yet been apprehended, according to a statement that was issued by the president of the institution on Monday.

According to a tweet posted by the University of Virginia Police Department, at around 10:40 p.m., there was reportedly a shooting on Culbreth Road. At this time, the campus was given the order to remain in its current locations. The region has been placed under lockdown as the authorities search for those responsible for the crime.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. is the person of interest, and it is believed that he is both armed and dangerous. The police have unmasked him and made his identity public. According to the information provided by the police, the suspect is possibly moving around in a black SUV and is dressed in a burgundy jacket, blue jeans, and red shoes. There is a possibility that he is driving a vehicle of the same hue.

Was said by Ryan that the two people who were hurt are presently receiving medical treatment, and he added that it broke his heart “that this violence has visited the University of Virginia.” The lessons that were supposed to take place on Monday have been scrapped.

The identity of the fatalities has not been made public by university officials, and it is unclear whether or not those killed were students at the institution.

The authorities said early on Monday morning that many police agencies are actively searching for Jones, with the assistance of a helicopter from the Virginia State Police. The search is being conducted by the authorities in Virginia.

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Jones is listed as a football player for the 2018 season on the website of the school’s athletics department, even though he did not participate in any of the games during his first year of eligibility for the sport.

CNN has reached out to the campus police to acquire more information on the incident.

Students were encouraged to “take the shelter-in-place directions seriously while the situation is continuing” by Robyn S. Hadley, who serves as the vice president for student affairs at the University of Virginia and is also the chief student affairs officer.

At the University of Virginia, Hadley wrote an email to the whole student body with the following message: “We have all gotten multiple shelter-in-place alerts, and they are scary.”

“Like many of you, I am now on campus. I am taking cover where I am and maintaining direct communication with the University administration and the UPD… Hadley said, “If you are not inside and secure, seek protection as soon as possible,” adding that many law enforcement officials were working together to find the perpetrator. “If you are not inside and safe, seek protection as soon as possible.”

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