Possible September 7th Date for Apple’s iPhone 14 Event

In other words, put this on your calendars. On September 7, Apple will most likely have its annual iPhone launch event. Mark Gurman, a business reporter for Bloomberg, has heard from “people with knowledge of the topic” that Apple will announce the iPhone 14 and maybe a new Apple Watch Series 8 at the first of the two September events.

The notch in the front of the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to be replaced by a “pill-shaped hole” and a “hole-punch-sized region” for the camera, and the device will reportedly also have an updated version of Apple’s in-house A16 processor. Reportedly, the smallest iPhone in the 14 series will be 6.7 inches in size and not be a Pro model, whereas the current “mini” model tops out at 5.4 inches. Additionally, the rumor claims that the A15 chip used in the iPhone 13 series would be carried over to the ordinary iPhone 14 models.

Gurman points out that sales of smartphones have been declining owing to inflation and a pandemic, but that the iPhone 13 series did well last quarter and that 90 million units were purchased from suppliers, so demand is projected to sustain. Thus, customer interest in the iPhone, which accounts for more than half of Apple’s sales, remains high.

Mark Gurman claims that retail personnel has been urged to be ready for a September 16 product rollout, which suggests that the unveiling will take place on September 7. This is consistent with the industry standard of starting sales about two weeks after a product’s debut. Two days before the suspected date of the event, on September 5, he mentioned that all corporate personnel would be expected to be present in the workplace for three consecutive days.

This event, like others held by Apple during the pandemic, will most certainly be broadcast live from the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. When do you think we can get rid of the notch for good? Apple Daddy, do you plan on making a return? Everything is conjecture at this point, and that’s exactly how Apple wants it.

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