Post Malone Reveals Huge New Face Tattoo

This new Post Malone album sounds like it was just inked. The “Sunflower” singer, actual name Austin Post, 27, just got a huge new facial tattoo featuring the initials “DDP” in the big, gothic font on his forehead.

The website TMZ claims that the tattoo was done in tribute to the actor’s daughter.

Post hasn’t told anyone his kid’s full name yet. The artist and his girlfriend had a baby girl early this year, but they have remained anonymous.

In a June interview on Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show, he remarked of his daughter, “I want to let her make her own judgments.”

Post Malone Reveals Huge New Face Tattoo

Tattooist Chad Rowe of Indiana posted a photo of the new tat on Instagram. Rowe is responsible for Posty’s iconic “Always Tired” undereye tattoos. Sunday saw Post’s Twelve Carat Tour stop in Indianapolis.

“For a long time, @postmalone and I haven’t been able to collaborate.

hence, we had to organize something while he was in town “The words were written by Rowe. “It never feels like it’s happening in real life. It’s a big compliment to have such a prestigious tattoo done on you. During our hangout, Siena, who is now heavily inked, FaceTimed, And while he was getting it, I walked him through his first D&D session. Austin, you are an incredible friend, artist, and human being; thank you for everything you’ve done. It’s not simply a “once in a lifetime” opportunity that I have, but rather, a lifetime’s worth of them. And to be able to give it to those I care about most. Sincerely, to everyone on the Posty Crew and in my family, and to everyone else who helps make dreams come true. I appreciate everything, and my love goes out to you.”


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A post recently bragged to GQ about his impending fatherhood.

When asked how he likes his new position, the “Circles” musician responded, “It’s amazing.” “It’s been incredibly hard not seeing her, but she’s been making more appearances lately. She’s enormous, towering over everyone else, and an absolute legend, and I couldn’t be happier to finally meet her. It breaks my heart to leave her and not be with her constantly.

He also discussed whether or not the baby has thoughts on his music.

Currently, I am unable to reveal any details. So far, she hasn’t cried while I play my music, which I take as a positive omen; but, we’ll have to see. I have to give her the final say,” he pleaded.

I’ve been trying to play her some music, but I have no idea what she’s enjoying at the moment. The music I make is played for her by everyone in the home, so she’ll eventually either have to like it or at least grow used to hearing the songs over and over again. It’s great that young people respond well to my music, so I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll go with the flow on that one.

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