Pregnancy During Hurricane Sandy is Linked to Mental Issues in Children, Study Says

A more severe problem may be emerging as kids on Long Island are out having fun in the autumn weather.

According to a new study, pregnant women who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy may have significantly increased their offspring’s risk of developing mood and attention disorders.

This would cause Juliana Larossa-Dzerns “obviously as a parent, and I would now worry about,” she added.

Professor of Psychology at Queens College Yoko Nomura has said that the scope of the study was unexpected.

The study’s leader, Nomura, is known for spearheading the Stress in Pregnancy Study (SIPS). While watching low-income families, including pregnant women, take refuge in the college gym after Superstorm Sandy, she had the inspiration for the program.

“Some mothers were concerned that an older sibling or family member wasn’t getting enough to eat. They can’t make ends meet and have no idea how to stay alive, “Nomura said.

Ten years ago, on October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy slammed into the New York City area, killing 48 people and destroying thousands of houses on Long Island. Because of the resulting flooding and power disruptions, people were under tremendous pressure.

Pregnancy during Hurricane Sandy

According to Nomura, mothers’ exposure to stress during pregnancy is a significant contributor to the prevalence of mental health problems in our society.

Nomura has stated that those in the path of Hurricane Sandy had a 60 times greater chance of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Students are required to return to the university for further examinations. A mother would put her child in a room with a two-way mirror on their birthday every year.

“We witness their growth as people, and we observe the progress they make in the areas of both emotional and motor development. There’s evidence of the maturation of mental processes, “insisted Nomura.

Clinical psychologists can also measure hormone levels by analyzing saliva and hair.

What does this entail for the same children in the womb during Superstorm Sandy and exposed to additional stress when COVID arrived eight years later?

“We don’t know if that will hasten the downward trend or help because they’re ready for it. In the meanwhile, we don’t know, “Nomura said.

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