Protests in Iran Over the Murder of Mahsa Amini Continue into a Third Week

The 22-year-old Amini died three days after being arrested by Tehran’s infamous morality police for allegedly violating the Islamic republic’s stringent dress code for women, sparking women-led demonstrations.

Iran Wire, an Iranian news outlet, tweeted a video on Thursday showing demonstrators in Sanandaj, the capital of Amini’s native region of Kurdistan in northwest Iran, chanting “Women, Life, Freedom!” before the sound of gunshots could be heard.

According to the site maintained by Iranian journalists living overseas, crowds were observed “chanting slogans and confronting police personnel” in cities around the nation, including Tehran, Isfahan, and Yazd.

Protesters in Mashhad, the city of shrines, threw stones at police personnel and chanted, “We will murder whoever killed my sister!”

“In addition to the scores of individuals who have been slain, thousands have been detained. Inmates include journalists. Many workers, including students, teachers, and truck drivers, have gone on strike, “According to Iran Wire.

The protests following Amini’s murder revealed on September 16, have been the largest in Iran since the gasoline price hike protests of November 2019. Women have burnt their headscarves and shaved their hair in defiance.

According to Amnesty Foreign, Iran is knowingly employing fatal force against the protestors, and without international intervention “beyond declarations of disapproval,” more people would be murdered.

The Iranian government “has used its well-honed apparatus of repression to mercilessly crack down on widespread rallies” to prevent a threat to its authority is an understatement.

Protests in Iran Over the Murder of Mahsa Amini Continue into a Third Week

Protests Will be Dealt With Mercilessly, According to the Order.

Activist group Amnesty International claimed to have received a copy of a secret order ordering all provincial military commanders to “severely attack” protestors on September 21.

Another document revealed that on September 23, the commander of the armed forces in Mazandaran province, where some of the bloodiest riots have occurred, instructed security personnel to “confront severely, going as far as causing fatalities, any disruption by rioters and anti-revolutionaries.”

The NGO said that 52 protest-related deaths were confirmed; however, the number is almost certainly higher. Tehran’s Fars news agency reported “about 60” fatalities, but a separate rights group located in Oslo stated 83 people were slain.

The warning from Amnesty International comes as Iran continues a crackdown that has already resulted in the detention of numerous journalists, activists, and other public figures.

State-run IRNA news agency reported on Friday that former Iranian national football team member Hossein Panahi was detained for expressing support for the protesters on his social media sites.

According to Article 19 and Persian-language media located outside of Iran, security agents also detained artist Shervin Hajipour, whose song “Baraye” (“For”) was constructed up of tweets about the demonstrations and went popular on Instagram.

After receiving millions of views on Instagram and eliciting several comments from listeners saying it brought them to tears, he has decided to take down the music.

Outside Forces

At least 29 journalists have been arrested, according to the Washington-based Committee to Protect Journalists.

Nilufar Hamedi and Elahe Mohammadi, two women reporters, helped bring Amini’s story to light by covering the story from the hospital and the burial. The crackdown has been widely criticized across the world.

Global demonstrations in support of Iranian women have already taken place, and on Saturday, there will be marches in 77 different locations.

Iran has pointed the finger at external forces, claiming that exiled armed groups headquartered in Iraq’s Kurdistan region are responsible for stoking the protests there. On Wednesday, Iran conducted cross-border missile and drone attacks, killing 14 people in the area.

The Revolutionary Guards of Iran have threatened to keep attacking the organizations until they are disarmed.

On Thursday, the United States said that an American citizen had been killed in an attack by Iran and that more penalties would be imposed on the Islamic Republic’s oil exports.

Sanctions imposed on Iran’s economy due to the country’s controversial nuclear program have already had a significant impact.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock of Germany stated on Thursday that she was “doing everything” to advocate for European Union sanctions against those “beating women to death and murdering protestors in the name of religion.”

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