Racheyl Brinson Death: What Caused Her Death? Was She Murdered?

Racheyl Brinson’s husband, Steve, discovered her body at a hunting club late one night in November 2001. It was soon considered an accident by the authorities, but Racheyl’s loved ones weren’t convinced. Part one of “Still a Mystery: Suspicious Circumstances,” a two-part special on Investigation Discovery, examines the events leading up to and following Racheyl’s tragic death. So, if you were wondering the same thing, read on for our findings.

Racheyl Brinson’s Cause of Death

Racheyl Brinson is the eldest of three siblings and grew up in a small town in rural Georgia. She was a very adventurous kid who enjoyed all sorts of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, hunting, and fishing. Additionally, Racheyl enjoyed athletics and participated on the varsity softball and basketball teams during her time at school.

She completed high school in 1987, and in June 1991 she wed Steve Brinson. When they met in high school, they became inseparable. He was the first male she had dated. In October of 1999, the couple welcomed son Cole into the world.

After dropping Cole off with her mom on November 25th, 2001, Racheyl made her way to the Mumford Island Hunting Club in Woodbine, Georgia, where Steve was staying. But at 6 o’clock he contacted emergency services to report that his wife was unconscious.

When officials arrived, they found a 32-year-old woman who seemed to have been injured after falling from a hunting stand. The death of Racheyl was judged an accident by the coroner, who cited blunt force injuries to the skull as the cause of death.

Has Racheyl Brinson Been Murdered?

Steve, when questioned by police, said that he and Racheyl had a beer before going to their hunting stands around 4:30 p.m. On the broadcast, however, he stated that Racheyl had shifted to a new hunting stand, one that had been abandoned for years due to safety concerns. Steve elaborated that at around 5:45 he got down from his platform and went in search of Racheyl. When Steve came home, he saw his wife lying face up on top of their gun. He dialed 911 and tried to do CPR, but she was declared dead.

The medical examiner did not take any images during the autopsy, and she subsequently confessed that she was not thorough because she had not been informed of the victim’s history of domestic violence. Steve and Racheyl were married for a long time, but they had problems from the start. Steve had been unfaithful to his wife, but they had decided to try to fix their marriage rather than end it. Because of this, the couple decided to start a family together. Reports indicate, however, that Steve and their son were never on good terms.

Racheyl learned that Steve had cheated on her again in the days leading up to the tragedy. In addition, she said that her husband was suicidal and threatened to murder her in a 911 call made in July of 2001. Racheyl’s parents phoned 911 the next month out of concern for their daughter’s safety. Her relatives, having seen her wounds, urged her to leave Steve.

Racheyl Brinson Death

After that, Racheyl informed her family and friends that she was divorcing Steve. After he and his wife divorced, he abandoned them and started spending his time at the hunting club in their RV. Family members believe that Racheyl broke the news of the divorce to Steve at the hunting club on the morning of November 25, 2001.

According to the episode, Steve’s buddy Royce Proctor said to the authorities that he overheard Steve saying to his father, “I don’t know. I messed up big time. It’s official: Racheyl has passed away. Another potential witness has claimed to have overheard Steve say something similar and interpreted it as an admission of guilt. More than that, Steve’s actions following Racheyl’s death were suspicious.

As the plot developed, he started asking about her insurance, specifically whether or not it would increase by 50% because of her tragic death. A high blood alcohol concentration and blunt force head injuries were cited in the autopsy report as contributing factors in Racheyl’s death.

Despite having a scar from having a melanoma removed, the report said that Racheyl had no other distinguishing scars on her body. Some people started wondering if an autopsy had been done. In November 2003, the family reportedly engaged private detectives because they suspected Steve had killed Racheyl after she informed him of the news of the divorce. Regardless, Steve has not been charged in connection with Racheyl’s death, and the police consider the investigation closed.

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