Ratna Jyotish: 4 Lucky Diamonds Prosperity!

In the Ratna Shastra, there are many gems like these that are said to make a person’s life better. If a planet’s position in the birth chart is weak, it has less of an effect on the person. When this happens, the gemstone associated with that planet is worn to make it even luckier. But gems should always be worn based on what the stars say. Learn about some of these gems that can make you lucky.

What is a Topaz Ratna?

This gem has something to do with the Devguru Brihaspati. People think that if they wear this stone, their wishes for happiness, wealth, a son, a marriage, etc. will come true. It makes the person feel better about himself or herself. It makes both the mind and the will stronger. The economy gets better because of this gem.

What is a Mercury Ratna?

 This gem has something to do with the planet, Mercury. People think that wearing Emerald will bring them a lot of success at work and in business. If a person wears it, it makes them richer. People think of it as a gem that can grant unfulfilled wishes.

What is a Tiger Stone?

Wearing The Tiger Stone gives a person more courage and strength. Gem astrology says that this stone frees you from worries about money. It brings luck to the person who wears it.

Ratna Jyotish
Ratna Jyotish

what is a jade Stone?

 This is called Haritashma in Ratna Shastra. People say that this gem can help you move up in your job or business. It gives the person energy in a good way. The ways to make money grow.

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