“Beetlejuice 2” Confirmed for Theatrical Release: Long-awaited Sequel is Finally Happening

The “ghost with the most” is now getting his next big moment, putting to rest what might be one of the most rumor-generating movie possibilities in cinematic history.

The eagerly anticipated “Beetlejuice 2,” a follow-up to Tim Burton’s horrific masterwork from 1988, will debut in September 2024.

The tweet below confirms the release date of Beetlejuice 2:

“Beetlejuice” was a dark, humorous, and innovative original story starring Keaton, Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis that became a critical and commercial hit, inspiring cartoons as well as a recently closed Broadway musical.

The cast of the original movie, which starred Keaton as a quick-witted and extremely inappropriate poltergeist looking to take advantage of the “recently deceased” Maitlands (Baldwin and Davis) as well as the new occupants of their former home, was a major factor in the movie’s success.

Ryder’s gothic Lydia Deetz, the daughter of said renters, has one of the best character entrances in “Beetlejuice” in what was at the time only her third film appearance. As Lydia’s stepmother Delia Deetz, Catherine O’Hara, an Emmy-winning star of “Schitt’s Creek,” made a memorable impression in the film.

Since years, there have been rumors of a prospective sequel, “it would be great if it happened, if it was the right circumstances.” Both Burton and Keaton also hinted a sequel was possible as early as 2013.

Whether the ongoing writers’ strike will have an impact on “Beetlejuice 2’s” prospective production timeline or release schedule is unknown. The movie will currently debut in theaters on September 6, 2024.

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Cast and Crew of “Beetlejuice 2”

Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones play Delia and Charles Deetz in the original Beetlejuice, who move into the Maitland’s old home and are plagued by Betelgeuse. Winona portrays Lydia Deetz, their adolescent goth daughter, who makes friends with the amicable Maitland ghosts.

According to PEOPLE, the cast members who have been confirmed to return for Beetlejuice 2 so far are Michael, Winona, Geena, and Catherine. Thank god Michael is returning since Beetlejuice himself is essential to the movie.

Winona, who currently appears in the Netflix original series Stranger Things, has previously indicated an interest in reprising her role from Beetlejuice. “I adore Lydia Deetz a great deal. Winona stated to The Daily Beast in 2013 that “she was such a huge part of me.” I’d be really curious to know what she is up to 27 years later.

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